SEO Marketing Los Angeles and Facebook Ads

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.18.2012



A lot of SEO marketing Los Angeles companies offer social media marketing as one of their services.  This is a great way to go to connect with your customers; after all, there are millions of people using social media sites.  But there are a few reasons why you are not getting results from posting ads on some sites like on Facebook.


While a Los Angeles professional SEO agency probably will not have these problems, these are some dead ends you may run in to if you are attempting to post ads on Facebook on your own or if you have hired an inadequate marketing agency.


The first is very self explanatory: the ads are boring.  Most Facebook users have learned to ignore the ads lined up on the right of the screen and their eyes glaze over at the site of them.   So you really need something to spruce up that side of the screen to grab their attention and make them want to click on your advertisement.  Facebook users are entertained by what they are seeing in their newsfeed so your ad has to really pop to get their eyes to glance over at what you are offering.  If you cannot grab their attention, you are wasting your time and money with Facebook ads.


The second thing that a lot of advertisers do wrong with their Facebook ads is using a logo or company image.  Instead, use an image that tells the Facebook user what it is you are offering them.  Make it look appealing and you will have a lot of people clicking on your advertisement.


Next tip: do not use a lot of text.  Hardly anyone will take the time to read it.  As previously mentioned, viewers barely look at the ads and if they see a lot of text, you will lose all interested viewers, guaranteed.  Make the message short and sweet and leave it at that.  If they want to know more, they will be enticed to click on the advertisement.


The next thing you should do is put your relationship with potential customers before the sale.  The objective of social media sites is to connect with people and that should be the main reason to market on Facebook.  If you take the time to listen to suggestions on how to improve your business, listen to new ideas for products, and hear their criticisms, you will establish a relationship that could lead to more sales.  Before jumping in with your sales pitch, have a common courtesy conversation.


It’s a lot to try to convey in an advertisement.  To help with the design end of things, talk with a SEO web design Los Angeles professional team.  They know how to make ads contain all of the above and make it look good.


If you follow all the tips previously mentioned, Facebook can be a great way to market your business.  You will reach a lot of people, make connections, and have an easy place to advertise.  Facebook can be the place to pick up more customers.

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