Why an SEO Optimization Company Uses The Freshness Score

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.24.2012



Search engines used to pull up outdated webpages amongst their results.  Back then this occurred because search engines put more weight in accumulated link data and showed results that contained the keywords used.  Which made it possible for old pages to show up that did not even match the intended knowledge the searcher was looking for, which was frustrating users, businesses, and website owners, as they had to dig further through the search results to find the intended information they wanted or needed or to see their own sites listed.

This problem caused Google to implement Query Deserves Freshness (QDF), which uses score freshness and the number of queries the score mechanism impacted.  This new algorithm affects 35 percent of searches which means six to ten percent of search results have changed enough to be noticeable to the user.  These changes help Google to display SERPS with pages that have “fresh” relevant content.

The SEO optimization company you use will know that you need to keep your freshness score up by keeping your content as up to date as possible.  Google created this scoring system because while a HTTP “last-modified-since” is accessible, it is not very reliable.

The way this works is an initial visitor will enter their search and Google searches their index for documents, pages, videos, and images that contain the keyword phrase used.  Once Google determines if the search deserves fresh content, Google looks for freshness attributes.

An example is when the last inbound link was obtained.  These freshness attributes are used to create a basis for determining the freshness score.  Look to see if the number of fresh pages with links to a certain page is higher than the number of links from less fresh pages.  The freshness score can then be used as a factor in determining where a page will be displayed in the results, if at all.

One example is when someone searches a time in history and Google pulls up a recent movie in the first few results, and the rest will be of webpages concerning the history of that date.  Eventually the results will switch back to the websites containing the historic information, until the movie receives some sort of award then it’s popularity will rise again.

This should work well for your business’ website since search engine optimization is all about keeping your content up-to-date and relevant for its users.  Think about adding newsletters, articles on the latest advances in your industry, or run a social media account that assists in boosting traffic towards your site.  This will help boost the “freshness” of your website and help keep it in the top results of searches.

A freshness score is based on a number of different things that the best SEO company will know or learn.  Knowing the basic comprehensive factors that determine freshness scores is imperative to gain and maintain top search rankings.  Especially since Google wants to provide its visitors with results that have up-to-date content and information they want.

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