How SEO Optimization Services Can Acquire Leads with Google+

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 8.29.2012


Social media sites can be great tools for generating leads for your SEO optimization company. One of the more undeservedly forgotten social media sites to come into recent memory for SEO search engine marketing campaigns, however, is Google+. The big disadvantage that Google+ is relative newness; sites like Twitter and Facebook have already have developed loyalty in its users, so newcomer Google+ seems to develop skepticism as a result. It may surprise most marketers with SEO packages that Google+ can be effective in acquiring good sales leads; there are several methods of generating good leads with this site.

Much like Facebook’s “Like” button function, Google uses a “+1” to indicate favor in content. The big advantage that Google+ has in this case is that is not strictly contained in the social network; Google+ has the monster of the Google search engine behind it, meaning that the +1 is associated with any and all search results that come up when using Google and Google+.

Use this +1 to show your favor to other pages while also boosting your Adwords campaign. By having your Adwords ads associated with both the Google+ page and your website, your clients and associates can +1 your site to enhance your marketing endeavors and visibility. Before doing this, though, you will need your website to be linked to and verified by your Google+ account. Add the Google+ badge to your website to complete the process.

Linking these pages together will enable the social extensions in your Adwards ads. Google crawlers will then be able to see who is “+1’ing” your page, then link the ads to your landing page. Having a respectable about of +1’s will increase you ranking and, ultimately, your exposure to other sales leads.

Be sure that you also share content using your Google+ page. The content should be intriguing and informative enough to send visitors to your website. The content you can use comes in many forms, such as interviews, blog posts, videos, webinars, and images.

You should also interact on Google+. You’ll get more +1’s by giving them. Click a +1 on another person’s page or content that you truly like, and mention other users and businesses in your own posts. This way, your name will also appear next to theirs in search results. Also, the more content you share with other contacts, the more links you can earn back to your own website, and thus the more likely your targeted audience will find your site.

Take advantage of Google+’s Circles feature to connect with other users. Place different kinds of clients in different circles, then market specific and relevant content to each circle. You can also ask your clients or would-be clients if they would like to be placed in specific circles. Use a “notify” email feature to let your clients know when new content has been posted.

You should also take advantage of Google+’s unique Events & Hangouts feature to get your clients together. Google Hangouts is a video tool where clients can see, meet and speak to you through video chat.

Google+ has a variety of different tools through which you can generate new sales leads for your search engine optimization services.

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