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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/18/2009

The World Wide Web has been one of the best advancements in technology.  And, for businesses it has been huge.  There is no other means of advertising that is cost efficient and has the ability to reach the volume of prospects world wide as the Internet.  The Internet user can find any piece of information they are searching for on the Internet.  Businesses have grown beyond their expectations.  New Internet business entrepreneurs have earned incomes that are unimaginable.  The Internet opened the door for everyone world wide with an opportunity for successful.  Internet addiction is something that quickly grew and many Internet users and Internet marketers are familiar with.  The Internet has become something that many of us are completely dependent on and addicted to.


For the marketer SEO Search Engine Optimization is something that they can spend hours on daily.  This is a full time job in itself.  And, even the part time marketer likely finds that it is there job away from job as they use their lunch breaks to catch up and market and make a mad dash home just to sit at the computer marketing and speaking with contacts until it is time for bed   The Internet has made millionaires and this is not just one or two in one or two countries.  There are millions of millionaires and they are being made in every country.  Once the marketer begins to grasp the language of the Internet and how the techniques work it is hard not to think that you could become the next millionaire.  The theory is simple.  SEO Search Engine Optimization leads you in front of billions possibly.  If the Internet user is searching for your product then you will have a small goldmine.  This is something that every marketer can see.  It will take skill to reach the top.  Knowledge takes time and dedication and there is some expense but the opportunity outweighs any doubt.


Begin by choosing your product to sale wisely.  You may choose to go with something that has a huge popularity or you may choose something that is a very select group of people.  Both can be successful.  Once you have your product you will be ready to begin SEO search engine optimization.


Hiring a professional SEO search engine optimization service is a consideration you may chose..   The services will help you to design and construct your website optimizing each page, help to develop a strategic plan, and help with the advertising of your product.  If one can afford it, this is an excellent way to begin on the Internet.  The cost of the SEO search engine optimization service will vary.  You can find companies ranging from a few hundred dollars on up.  The advantage is that they are skilled professionals that can take you to the top.


The strategic plan is definitely the foundation of your online campaigning and must well constructed and the area of focus.  A strategic plan is the setting of goals and how to reach those goals both for the present and into the future.


  • Strategies may include:
  1. To expand
  2. To provide
  3. To deliver
  4. To instill
  5. To empower
  6. To improve
  7. To achieve


Once you have determined your key strategies, your attention will be on developing the goals that will accomplish your strategies.


The SEO search engine optimization service will know the latest techniques and have the knowledge to make them successful for your business.  They will have the means of the latest advancements to market, record and keep track of your company’s’ progress.


Most SEO search engine optimization service companies know the best search engines for your product or service and work closely with the search engines.  All will focus on getting you into the major search engine listings but as any marketer is aware there is a search engine list or directory that has many search engines listed many of which are specialty search engine listings.  SEO search engine optimization services will be aware of all the special niches for your company.


If your budget does not allow for the expenditure of a SEO search engine optimization service don’t despair.  Although it will involve time and a lot of hard work achieving success yourself is possible.  Many marketers have turned a part time hobby or interest into a full time career.


You will begin with the optimization of your website and then likely begin through the marketing of your keywords.  This is a great place to begin.  A Pay Per Click program is something that you will be able to test the waters of the effectiveness of your keywords.  By running a Pay Per Click campaign for an “x” amount of time you will be able to measure their effectiveness.


SEO articles are another great way to advertise your website.  With SEO articles you will want to concentrate on well constructed content that utilizes your keywords.  Your keywords should be in the Title, Description, and Header and throughout the content of your article.  You will especially want your keywords in the first one or two paragraphs.  With SEO articles your site will receive many inbound links which will be useful in the search engines.


There are many article sites on the World Wide Web and as a webmaster you should perform a search to find software that you will be able to submit your article to the different sites without having to access each individually.  This will be a time saver.  Remember to make the article content rich to have the highest possible viewer-ship. If the sites find your article is being read by more people, they will be more than glad to publish your other articles.


Business Reviews are another great source to announce you on the web.  There are many review sites that one can compose an article on themselves and their business and have it announced on the Web.  Keep the tone formal and don’t let it sound like a marketing letter, lest the sites may not be wiling to publish it.


Obviously you will choose a combination of methods and the goal is to be successful.  Change is okay.  If you find that your keywords are not producing the results you want change them.  Optimize your website and begin again.  There is nothing set in stone that says you must stay with your original selection.  Be flexible and be dedicated.  You may even choose to have more than one web site with more than one set of keywords.  This is productive as well.


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