SEO Services California Follow New Google Penguin Rules

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.5.2012



If you are just searching through the Internet it may seem like you will never know what you will get.  It appears like the sites show up in any order.  How else can it work so fast when it takes less than a second for millions of results to show up on a page?  It may seem completely random like reaching in to a bag of candy at Halloween and hoping you pick out something good.  You may not know, then, that there is actually a scientific and mathematical way that search engines work.  It is not merely matching words that you type in to the search engine toolbar.


For Google, they use a Penguin.  No, your search engine results are not chosen by an animal.  It is an algorithm that was nicknamed Penguin.  This algorithm carefully runs through every website out there in the Internet and selects the ones that best match the keywords you typed in on the search bar.  It then ranks them by which websites are most relevant to your search.  In a recent update, Penguin also sorts through the content of the web pages.  This means that it looks at the content and determines if it is high or low quality information.  In the past, the algorithm just matched the keywords and this led to searches coming up with low quality content that did not fit the internet users’ needs.


While this was great for Internet searchers, it was not good news for the websites.  They now had to step up their game to get to the top of the search engine results pages, otherwise known as SERPs.  Previous content did not cut it anymore with Google and throwing in a bunch of keywords was not the only qualification to rank at the top of search pages.


It became a dilemma for Internet marketing firm Los Angles as well.  These firms had previously used tactics to get their customer’s websites at the top of search engine results pages.  But with Penguin in place, they were slowly sliding back down in the rankings.


Internet marketing firms used marketing strategies such as setting up links on other web pages and using a bunch of keywords to get a website noticed on search engine sites.  While these tactics work extremely well, they have become restricted by Google’s new rules.  The new rules just mean that links have to lead to quality content and the keywords must be relevant.


SEO firm California needed to make some changes if they were to keep their websites on top.  In order to adhere to Google’s new rules, they would not only have to keep using adequate keywords, but the content would have to be of better quality.  These SEO services California work well to get websites noticed but now they had more restrictions on what qualified them as the best.


And so, there you have it.  Search engines do not work randomly.  Websites work constantly to keep themselves at the top of the search engine results pages.  Marketing techniques have to be tweaked every now and then in order to accomplish this. You now know how your favorite search engine works and how websites conquer them.

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