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Staff writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 7.15.2012


The way that your company writes its content has a great impact on a user’s experience on your company’s website. Other mediums, such as a newspaper for instance, are read differently than the way people read on the Web because statistics show that the attention spans of readers are shorter online.

The Word Metrics report comes in handy in this case, because once you’ve written your quality content, you can run it through The Word Metrics report discovering how easy it is to read based on the scores.

The Word Metrics report looks like this:

  • Syllable count per word. If your content has words with a lot of syllables, it can slow the reading process down for the reader which works against your goals for accommodating your readers.


  • Word per sentence count. Try breaking those longer sentences into separate thoughts, which will be much easier on the reader.


  • Grade level and readability. With newspapers, which were once the mainstream consumption of information, were written at a fifth grade level to appeal and accommodate the masses of readers. Instead of writing with the assumption of how educated you think the audience is, err on the side of readability instead.


  • The Domain Ranking Report is used to summarize the search engine rankings across various search engines for domains and keywords which can be useful to an internet marketing specialist. The report also shows rankings which are free from biases like the location of the user or personalization to the user. Search engines are continuously searching for ways to personalize the user’s experience; this report is a great tool for tracking the correct rankings of your website.


Keyword Ranking Distribution

The ranking distribution chart is a helpful example of your site’s rankings for keywords across search engines and for the keywords your company is monitoring in the SEOToolSet. Many marketing companies and website owners have goals for their rankings, with the first page (or main page) being the most important in this focus which, if you’re an internet marketing specialist, is of even greater importance.

Powered by Visual Mining, the visualization shows an internet marketing specialist what position across search engines your keywords are in and what percentage of your keywords is ranked.

Keyword Report

The SEOToolSet has long had Suggested Keywords reporting and Traffic Checker, but the Keyword Report is relatively new, having launched earlier this year. This information sinks down into your keywords, which gives additional information in helping you and your company to make wise decisions.

The benefits to this new reporting are that it suggests and gathers information for all your keywords in one place, versus the benefits of Traffic Checker, which only looks at individual keywords.

Competitive Score

Deciding which keywords to use is a bit of a science and art with your goal being to find the most targeted keywords that have just the right balance of competition verses search activity. The “Competitive Score” on the Keywords Report is based off a mathematical equation which takes into account the metrics which are compiled for a given keyword or keyword phrase compared to all the other keywords on your website.

With a few tools, you can begin to build a professional SEO strategy.

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