SEO training Los Angeles Firm Learns Google Authorship

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.31.2012


In this article, an SEO training Los Angeles firm tries to understand a few things about Google search. Have you noticed that when doing a Google search, there is a picture next to particular blog post in the search results? Clicking on those particular posts are habitual according to test. Blog posts with pictures are clicked on 30% more than posts without them. Because of this, authors want their pictures next to their blog posts so they established authorship with Google for their website. Here are some other tips to get more clicks on your site.

Add a Head Shot to Your Google+ Profile Page

You must have a picture of yourself on Google+ if you want to show up in the SERPS results. Upload a picture of yourself by logging on in to your Google+ account.

You’ll also want to set Your Google +’s to public view. You can do this by going to your settings, and set them to public allowing everyone to view your page. First you log on, then click the edit profile button. There will be a check box saying “Show this tab on your profile” to which you want to check that box and then save your settings.

Creating a link from within Google+ to your website

You first want to log into your account and click the edit profile button. Located at the bottom of the page, there is an area to add links to your site where you can add from.

Link your site to your Google Plus profile page. Establishing a relationship between your website and your Google + page, is a must so you will need a link to go back to Google+. You can put the Google+ badge that links to your profile, on your website or you can create your own badge, which is taught with most web design jobs in Los Angeles.

Most of us are using our gmail email address with our Google+ account. I suggest that you add an email address from your website domain also in order to tie your domain closer to your Google+ profile. Add an email address to your [Google+] and then verify it. Google even mentions doing this on their official page, so you will be smart to take their advice.

Verify that everything worked with Google Rich Snippets. This is their free tool that helps you view whether or not you have successfully established your authorship for you site or your blog with Google. If you’ve done everything right, you should be able to see your picture next to your website in your Google search results. Sometimes, it may take a couple of weeks for Google to update the changes so there’s no need to panic immediately if you don’t see it. Just be patient and if after a month or so and you still don’t see your picture, you may want to retrace your steps.

Your picture next to your blog should help you get more clicks on your website as well as your SEO ratings, according to California SEO services. So upload those pictures and optimize your site hits!

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