SEO Training Los Angeles Firms Try to Fix Low-Quality Pages

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.31.2012


When websites lose Google traffic, the common tread has been that they have low-quality content pages. And more often than not, it’s never the low-quality, “spammy” content that’s put together poorly in order to increase search engine rankings that get flagged. Most of the time, the content that is created naturally, but considered low-quality is because it was created without any thought about search engines according to an SEO training Los Angeles firm.

When Google began allowing their Panda filters do their thing, many website pages that normally went ignored, began to start causing traffic and ranking problems for the site overall.

What low-quality content pages contain

Low-quality pages simply don’t contain that much information. Outside of the normal universal template of the page, they might only have a few sentences outside of those parameters. Another factor may be that these pages might contain information, but it’s too similar to information on other pages of a different website. This makes SEO jobs Los Angeles company lives’ easier. Usually, whatever content management system the website uses, these low-quality pages have been created through that system.

Here are some different types of low-quality content:
When your profile page is empty, this is a sign of low-quality content. Forums such as blogs or other sites that encourage people to become members in their community lend to this as well. They must provide information used to create profile pages for that person in order to do so.  The problem with these pages, is that they can be built with nothing other than a user name with empty categories and content which can lead to hundreds of empty pages.

Many profiles have been targeted for spam because of the welcoming links added to pages. Sometimes these pages can be targets for hackers even if they don’t necessarily allow links on their pages because very clever web spanners know what they’re doing. There are a couple of ways to counter these problems. The first thing you can do, is make your profile page invisible to anyone who isn’t a registered user on your site. Make them log in. Many web design services Los Angeles as well as other city companies with this. You can also add a noindex Meta tag to profile pages and if you rather them be indexed, make it so that a user needs more than a name to login giving your page the belief that it isn’t empty. If you allow links on your page, make sure they can’t be followed.

Empty out your directory or search results pages

Many websites that have directories also have many different categories as well. The benefits to this are because when there are enough people, items or places they can have their own categories to fill with content. Though sometimes websites will get too specific with their categories and only have one result within them.

You never intend to have low-quality content pages on your website, but it is a possibility. Many websites will continue to be affected by Google’s new terms set in place. So you’d be wise to check your site for low-quality content on your pages and we recommend our fixes above in order for you to produce better, high-ranking results.

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