SEO Web Design Los Angeles Companies Compare Bing vs. Google

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.31.2012


When it comes to online search or search engines, Google reigns. Be it the revenue created from PPC advertising or market shares, Google has been the unchallenged standard for over 10 years. But now there’s Bing, who’s looking to challenge the throne that Google currently sits on. Let’s discuss Google’s position and if Bing can ever compete with them as well as the effects it will have on SEO from a few SEO web design Los Angeles companies.

Here are some facts about Google:

* For the 2011 fiscal year, Google generated over $37 billion in revenue from PPC advertising.

* Google’s US Market Shares are at 66.2%

* Google’s Global Market Share are at 81.7%

As for Bing, here are some statistics:  

* Bing generated $1 billion in revenue from PPC advertising.

* Bing’s US Market Share sits at 15.2%

* Bing’s Global Market Share sits at 4.4%

As these statistics show, Google is far and away the most important between the two. And even though they’ve had a significant head start, there are other contributing factors that make Google, the king.

For most, including businesses like a Los Angeles web design firm, or video SEO Los Angeles companies,  Google’s algorithm is better than Bing’s. The information from sites when using Google is more relevant with Google than with Bing and the latter’s results also seems to be more erratic also. The reason for this is because Google is a more reliable search engine than Bing is currently.

But can Bing close the gap? It’s going to be terribly difficult for Bing to compete with Google but they can seriously become a force to be reckoned with. The company recently linked up with Facebook to integrate them in their search engine, which means you’re able to incorporate your friends on the popular site which allows you to chat while searching. Good feature, but not great.

On the other hand, Google has recently introduced their own social network called Google+. And although its user base continues to grow, people aren’t as invested with Google+ as they are with Facebook. Eventually both Google and Bing will figure out how to successfully infuse their search engines with social networking, but as of now, it’s a work in progress.

In conclusion

It’s going to be a difficult task for Bing to ever earn a competitive position in the search engine market against Google. Along with the huge head start that Google had on Bing, they also simply just deliver better search results. Also, Google has become such a juggernaut that the company has implemented itself and its name into pop culture. Most people don’t say that they “searched” something, they say that they’ve “Googled it.” With their name being synonymous with searching on the internet, it will be a difficult hurdle to get over for Bing.

So until then, Google will remain at the top. Recent penalties by the US government as well as other government sanctions from around the world for anti-trust violations have become a bit of a nuisance, but it hasn’t seem to stop Google.

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