SEO Website Basics and Analysis Report Expert Advice

When a SEO analysis of your website or blog is desired, there should be no problem finding someone to help you.† There are plenty of individuals that can do it for free or low cost, as well as SEO services. Los Angeles has plentiful amounts of organizations with SEO in mind. They can help you to determine your goals and accomplishments, such as high quality material, visitors and traffic, sales and profits.† They report to you how the various links look, and how your site ranks compared to others.† Before sending your site for analysis, however, it’s important for you to understand the basics.† Become familiar with Google, know what keywords and links are, what SEO stands for, and the importance of reports and analyses.†

Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other big and small sites are search engines.† They have a space where you write keywords – particular words and phrases- in order to find information about anything.† It can be any type of product or service, anything you need to look for.† It’s important to put the right keywords together because many thousands of pages can come up for a three or four word phrase search, or very few.† So, regardless of whether you are searching for something important, or you want other internet users to find Your blog/website, doing keyword research will help you to be successful.†

A link is similar to the URL, the name of your website :


Link building involves other people’s websites linking to your website.† Once you have a good quantity of high value websites linked to yours, you become more popular.† That is good.† These two aspects of SEO basics are central to your success.†

SEO stands for search engine optimization.† Basically, it means optimizing your blog or website for the search engines.† You want people to be able to search and find your site easily.† Google will assume that your site has been built well, is of high quality if the other sites linking to it have a high reputation and page ranking.† The more valuable your site is, the higher up you’ll be on the search engine’s page.† You can build a website yourself, with online software support, or have it done by a website builder.† Then you can have a website SEO analysis of an expert.† He looks at your unique site, content and pages as if he was the user as well as the search engine.† There is a lot involved in order to have specifically targeted traffic that converts well and ranks high.†

The SEO expert does an initial analysis before providing you with an SEO analysis report.† He measures how relevant your content is, and determines how interesting and readable it is, compared to other similar websites.† An evaluation can be done of sites linking in to yours, as well as page and traffic ranking.† He will analyze your title tags, description and text.† The website SEO analysis report will show you what is good and what can be done to make it better, like the pros and cons.† It is the expert’s goal to help you accomplish your goal, to make sure that whatever you want to provide as an information or physical product, or service, will be found.† Consider this report as an important tool to measure your progress.† High quality traffic, people clicking on your website link, making purchases equals sales.† Developing relationships and making immediate as well as residual income will bring you success and prosperity.†


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