Short Listing the most Cost Effective Keywords from the Existing Monumental List

The Rank Tracker assists the site owner to develop a versatile test of keywords and key phrases by calculating the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI). This index reveals the significance of a particular keyword in relation to its ability to bring traffic to the website. The importance of the keyword depends on “Relevance” that is the closeness of the keyword to the products / services offered to the web audience. The Relevance is estimated on a three-grade scale. Separate columns of Relevance is denoted on the spreadsheet and graded under the columns “Excellent”, “Good” and “Poor”. The second factor determining KEI is the “Search Volume”. This denotes the number of queries made for a particular keyword per month. For checking the search volume for individual words or phrases, the site owner should use the Word Tracker tool. This not only reveals the keyword suggestion but also the number of searches conducted per month.


The third factor in KEI is “Competition” which reveals the number of websites optimized for a particular keyword. Checking the competition between similar keywords is simpler once the keyword has been entered in Google where the search would reveal the competition value of the search term. In the spreadsheet, a separate column under “Competition” shows the calculated value of each keyword. In order to gauge which makes the best KEI number like higher relevance, higher search volume and smaller competition, the KEI of a particular keyword is calculated by a simple formula. It reveals the actual Relevance of keywords while the second formula calculates the KEI number of each phrase.


Once the spreadsheet has the requisite database, sorting the keywords by KEI would give the actual picture. It has been established that higher the KEI number the better is the selected keywords. The keyword list, inclusive of 100 keywords, suggests that targeting the major 5 keywords work best while the important 30 keywords can be used as alternatives and the last 65 could be used whenever the first two lots fail to bring in the desired result.


Selecting the best set of keywords is the most vital aspect of SEO. Considerable time and planning is expended in researching the best keywords for optimum web traffic where KEI plays a big role. It helps in selecting more specific keywords than general ones as these key phrases attract the relevant set of visitors to the website and is also less expensive. Once the keywords have been selected, the next step entails matching the keywords with search engines ranking algorithm as they have a major impact on clients’ click-through-rates and helps the site attain the targeted position in search engines as well as prime visibility. The selection of keyword phrases also depends on the searchers’ geo location. Undertaking keyword analysis by sophisticated software prevents the site from being overlooked by valuable web client and subsequent sales. Thus developing a list of keywords through KEI number is an innovative marketing solution as it helps the site owners to achieve greater recognition on the Net.

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