Should you outsource your Internet Marketing Specialist?

Staff writer: Kate Kishel

Date: 7.25.2012



Today, lots of people are looking for an internet marketing specialist, and outsourcing seems like a great option mostly because it can be cheaper than dirt.  Be aware of what you are getting yourself into when you hire a virtual employee from a 3rd world country.


  1.  Outsourcing is Outdated


Just five years ago, internet marketing was very new, and web designers (or people who were qualified to do anything beyond check email) were in high demand.  People with an education in the US would charge much more money because they could.  Now, we live in a world where toddlers can use iPads and 2nd graders can use smart phones better than their highly educated parents.  You can hire someone from the US to do social media marketing, SEO, etc. for next to nothing, and you will be taking less risk.


2.  Less money at first, more money later


If you go on a platform such as oDesk to hire an internet marketing specialist to do a job for very little, they might bail if they get a better offer and leave you with a project that is half finished.  Then you would need to hire person #2, who might not know what the original person was doing, and this could continue forever.  Another scenario could be having too many people to keep track of, and losing money by paying people who aren’t actually doing any work.  Granted, oDesk and similar sites can sometimes be useful for last minute $2 improvements.


3.  What you didn’t think about before


  • Time difference can become a major issue when working with someone on the other side of the globe.  Trying to communicate can be much more difficult.
  • You can’t take someone from a different country to small claims court or garnish their wages if he or she steals from you or does not uphold a contract.
  • Beware of a bunch of people having the passwords to all of your accounts.  A worst case scenario would be that they change all of them and lock you out, especially your admin passwords.
  • If your marketing specialist designs a website or feature using one code, the next person might not know it.  It’s always easier to hire someone to do it right the first time.  It is much easier to write code than to try to rewrite it, especially when trying to rewrite code to make it comparable with Safari, for example (a must given the number of consumers who use iPads and iPhones).


Outsourcing web designers and marketing specialists used to be an O.K. deal.  There was not nearly as much going on as far as marketing via the internet.  Half of a decade ago, internet marketing revolved around best marketing practices in general.  Today, there are a myriad of more not only more options but theories and opinions.  In addition, there is a much deeper breadth of knowledge about the nuances of code required to effectively market a business online.


In short, spend a little extra cash to get it right the first time.  Don’t deal with shady accounting practices or characters.  As is said, “Time is money.” Spend both your time and money wisely.   Don’t spend your time doing damage control.  Instead, spend it on improving your marketing plan to make even more money.

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