Site Promotion through Internet Advertising

The concept of site promotion web advertising internet means different methods of advertising on the Internet. Internet advertising is used as an efficient tool for website promotion. The various methods of Internet advertising are banner ads, search engine optimization and email marketing.

Several Ways of Website Promotion Internet Marketing or Advertising

The other names of Internet advertising are online advertising and digital Advertising. The businessmen, who feel that their potential customers are Internet users, can use the technique of Internet advertising and marketing for promoting their websites. The concept of Internet advertising began in the year 1994 with the appearance of first advertisement on Hotwired’s Website.

The tool of Internet advertising is used by many Internet and marketing agencies and advertising campaigns for promotion of products and services of their clients on the Internet. The web site promotion internet marketing and advertising agencies use the following ways for Internet advertising.

  • Commending and reviewing products and services by customers and companies on news groups.
  • Collecting data from search services
  • Seeking and exchanging links.
  • Giving email updates and providing mailing lists related to products and services.
  • Providing facilities such as product listing, payment processing or shopping cart through web storefront.

Types of Site Promotion Web Advertising Internet

Site promotion web advertising internet or web site promotion internet marketing agencies can use several kinds of advertisements for promotion of products and services. Some methods of advertising on Internet are really very effective. The popular forms of Internet advertising used by Internet advertising agencies are as follows:

  • Banner ads: This type of ad is in form of horizontal bars, which is placed on the top of web page. These ads take one to the webpage of advertiser through a single click. Banner ads provide animation, color and graphics.
  • Search Engine Optimization: This is an Internet advertising service offered by many advertising agencies. The advertising and marketing agencies provide services such as focusing on target audience and competitor websites, searching for keywords, modifying the content of site. The services offered by advertising agencies provide a chance to website to get good ranking on search engines.
  • Sky- Scraper Ads: These ads are like banner ads in nature. This type of ads is placed in vertical order below the left or right hand side of web page. This kind of advertisements remains in view of user when he or she scrolls down the page. These ads also offer color, graphics and animation. Sky- scraper ads take the user to webpage of advertiser through a single click.
  • Pop-up and Pop-down Ads: When one opens a website, a small windows appear on it. Pop- ups appear on the screen and Pop-downs appear on the bar at the bottom of screen. One has to click them to get rid of them.
  • Bridge Ads: These ads are referred as Interstitial ads. This type of ads appears when one moves between the pages of website. One can close these ads. This kind of ads is considered more beneficial than banner ads and pop up ads for the promotion of online business.
  • Leaderboard Advert: This type of ad appears across the top of a page in horizontal way. This ad can offer color, graphic and animation.
  • Online Directories: These are equivalent to yellow pages. The online directories provide increased listings on the website. The detailed record of a company will be displayed on screen when one search for it in online directories. The listings in an online directory are provided in addition to printed version of directory.
  • Sponsorships: There are two kinds of website sponsorships such as content sponsorship and regular sponsorship. In case of regular sponsorship, the advertiser is provided a space to put the message and logo of the company. On the other hand, in case of content sponsorship the advertiser is provided a limited control as he or she can submit their content and advertisement on the site. The sponsorships continue for a fixed period. The sponsorships have to be made with limited websites to focus the target audience.
  • Pay Per Click: The search put the advertisements on the homepage of a website and advertiser pay the amount according to the number of clicks on the website. The option of pay per click ads can be really very beneficial for promotion of an online business if the campaign related to it is prepared in a strategic manner by an advertising agency.583

Evaluation of Internet Advertising

The trend of Internet advertising through Internet marketing and advertising agencies is becoming popular day by day. An advertiser can get detailed information of customer through Internet advertising service. There are many methods to evaluate the performance of Internet advertising service. The significant components used by Internet advertising agencies to evaluate performance of Internet advertising are as follows:

  • Conversion Rate: This is very important component to measure the performance of Internet advertisements. The conversion rate tells about the percentage of customers who followed call of Internet advertisements.
  • Hit: Hit takes place when a server sends a request to display a file related to a website. The hit on a file does not always mean that a customer has seen it.
  • Page View: The concept of page view is almost similar to concept of hit. Page view takes place when web server sends request for display of a webpage.
  • Impression: When an advertisement appears on a website only once, this process is called Impression.
  • CPM: This refers to cost per thousand impressions. This is cost of purchasing one thousand impressions.
  • Traffic: The number of visitors pay visit to a website. The numbers of pages viewed by visitors is also the traffic of website.
  • Stickiness: The amount of time spent by a visitor on a website. Stickiness is the measure to understand the involvement of each customer to a website.
  • Unique Visitors: This is very important metric to evaluate the performance of online advertising. Unique visitors are people who pay visit to a website during a specific timeframe.
  • Click Through: Click Through occurs when a consumer clicks an advertisement to gather information about a product or service.
  • CTR: The percentage that shows the number of click through after every hundred ad impressions.

The Technologies for Tracking Customers through Internet Advertising

There are some technologies in site promotion web advertising internet and web site promotion internet marketing services which are used by advertising agencies to gather information about customers. Some of popular technologies used on by advertising agencies are as follows:


Cookies are a text file which is used to gather information about the behavior of customer. Cookies are of two types such as Session cookies and Persistent Cookies.

  • Session Cookies: This kind of files is stored on a website. These cookies collect data about customers when they visit to a website. These cookies mainly collect non-PII such as IP address of customer.
  • Persistent cookies: This type of cookies are stored on the computer of customer. These cookies collect PII and non-PII. The cookies collection information about sites to which the customer pays visit.

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