Small Business Search Engine Optimization Packages Need To Change

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.14.2012


Before Google’s black and white barrier was implemented, there were a variety of tactics that required little to no marketing strategy.  Back then, small business search engine optimization could be achieved with the use of a keyword-enriched domain, a website template to match, internal links to products with description anchor text, matching keyword phrases in the title tags and heading, send your website to hundreds of directories, and spam other people’s blogs and forums with your URL, which was very unfair to those who had a far superior website and didn’t know the “secret” formula others were using to push their poorly made site to the top of search results.


That’s when Google’s Panda came in.  A lot more factors plan into getting into the top search results than just your keyword placement.

Nowadays, well placed keywords aren’t going to single-handedly bring in all of your revenue.  You need a well functioning site, a well-known brand name, and a great marketing strategy.  Check search engine optimization packages consultant companies offer to see what they list.  You’ll need to find a SEO specialist that knows how to create a marketing funnel and will show you the ropes of social media marketing.  Websites who build a personal connection to it’s targeted audience succeed in long run.

The site owners who fell prey to Google’s Panda algorithm certainly have a lot to alter to bring their site back up to Google’s new standards.  The customers might have been satisfied with the site and products they received, but there were never any reviews claiming satisfactory service.  Why? No one remembered your generic website once they got their purchase.  This was fine before Panda, but now, you need those happy customers to remember your brand, your service, and spread the word.


To prevent becoming a faceless site, create an email list to send out newsletters, coupons, or a questionnaire.  Doing so will help establish a personal connection with your customers and build up your brand name.  Create a social media account on sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, and offer deals to those who follow you on that social media site.  Run contests with prizes, offer comparative product reviews, and interview or post links to leading innovative minds in your industry, these things interest your target audience and keeps them returning.

Stop dwelling on what worked in the past.  If your website and business is to have any future you need to rethink your overall plan.  Learn everything there is about social media marketing and implement it.  Start contacting past satisfied customers and ask for online reviews and to refer others to your website.  Also keep in contact!


These are the things that’ll benefit your website in the grander scheme of things, no rewritten title tags and keywords.  Having a technically sound website is only half the equation, the other is having a site that benefits its users. Fixing and setting up these things is necessary hard work to compete with the other competitors.

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