Small Business Web Design SEO California

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.14.2012



The internet has changed the way that businesses can sell their merchandise.  It has opened up and created online shopping.  Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular as more people are finding their favorite stores online.  Some stores are large businesses who want to reach more of their customers who may not be located close enough to make it to their store building so they added an online website.  Other stores are only online because it better suits their needs and their customers’ needs.  And yet other stores are small businesses looking to expand their venue to the Internet to reach a larger customer following.  Whatever kind of business you are, online shopping can work for you with the right tools.


Clearly the key item you need to add a business online is a web site.  For this, unless you are completely capable yourself, you will want to hire a web designer and web manager.  The web designer will make the website easy for the customer to navigate and find all of the products they are looking to buy.  A web designer will also make the website look visually appealing.  Just like having a store design and products on display, the website must also display the products in an appealing manner.  Good web design SEO California creates a balanced combination of eye catching design and easy navigation.


While the designer works on the small business web design Los Angeles, someone else must take care of the selling end of things.  For this, a website manager can be hired.  The website manager makes sure that products are available for the customers to purchase at all times.  He or she will oversee that the site gets updated as the merchandise sells out and new products come in.  These tasks are super important because it only takes one visit to the site and finding everything sold out and no new items added for a customer to no longer visit the site and make purchases.  A website can become a great extension of a business but the downside is that you never know who is visiting the site or what their experience with the site is unless they tell you.


Many of your current customers will find out about the online website when they go to the store’s shop.  But you want people to find your website who have never even set foot in the shop.  Just like you have had to market your shop, you will also have to do a little marketing for the website, too.  This task is not difficult but you will be adding another member to your team: an SEO Company.


SEO is a great way to get started marketing your website, especially if your marketing budget is a little tight.  SEO stands for search engine optimization.  The SEO Company that you hire will provide SEO services company California such as adding links on to other websites to create more ways for people to find your site.  It is a very useful marketing tactic and you will find that more people will visit your site through these ways when they do not have the exact web address.  And as you know, the more people who visit your site, the more people there are who might make purchases.


Although moving your small business online is a smart move to reach more customers, it does mean a few extra jobs have to be taken care of.  The good news is that there are a bunch of professionals like the web designer, website manager, and SEO Company that can help you make the transition easier.

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