Small Businesses Get Into the Organic SEO Services Game

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 26, 2012


In the hyper-competitive field on online marketing and sales, many of the pond’s smaller fish have noticed a decline in search results and overall traffic (and therefore monetary gain) ever since the newest algorithm technology from Google was released. The update, which is called Penguin, may have done some unintentional harm to the small business landscape—including damages to some organic SEO services that helped get Penguin on its feet


The most discouraging thing here is that marketers in small businesses, and supporters of organic SEO services generally, are at a loss as to why their business has been suffering. Because Penguin is such a new technology, not everyone completely understands how it works. The fact of the matter is that small businesses slide through the cracks of online marketing all the time, and this SNAFU is not helping. There is no sure way to know that, as a small business, your site will show up through an organic search on Google. Perhaps more pointed organic SEO service is in order.


Another negative effect of this mess-up is the spam-like infiltration in links and messages due to Penguin’s misguided logic. The tangled lines cannot be undone even by taking off poorly designed or dead links, as this is not a lasting solution. Also, this sort of work can be a time-consuming and delicate process. In the end, it may be easier to simply move on and reorganize than try and go back to clean up the mess. Search rankings may never return to the level at which they once rested.


Instead, focus on adding quality links from new authoritative sites, or even sites within your same niche. Think quality instead of quantity in times of restructuring, and you and sure to be better off than by sticking with links of low value.  The bigger concern is overall rankings on Google. The fact is that there is no guaranteed way to nail down quality search results but building a better website.


Here is just one pretty telling example:


A dog supplier, recently featured by the Wall Street Journal, reports that his business has suffered and lost nearly all its traffic from Google. There was a significant drop in his sales. Still, he says that he relies on almost 75 percent of his traffic from Google. This is obviously not a business model that is going to work. As Google changes their way of doing things, small businesses must adjust. It is important to seek out alternative methods of generating traffic, even if it is out of your comfort zone.


Try not to worry about removing bad links and undoing damage. Instead, connect with someone who has a solid understanding of computers and SEO and get them to redesign your site for an overall better experience for your user. It’s nearly impossible to avoid this sort of legwork when going for a quality site, but wouldn’t you rather end up with a quality product, even if it means a little more work?

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