Social media optimization (SMO) is defined as the use of several social media outlets for the purpose of generating brand awareness and publicity.

SMO allows for increased awareness of your products and services by connecting with different online communities, turning casual internet users into loyal customers.

Indeed, when it comes to awareness, social media puts a lot of stock in this trade. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and LinkedIn are all common social networking sites through which you can promote your business’ products, services, and events.

These sites are strictly tools for communication and outreach. You can’t create a shopping cart in your Pinterest account and it would be a clumsy decision put in a very detailed product description in a Twitter status, since each tweet has a 140 character limit.

 social media marketing

To review, any student of Marketing 101knows of the four stages of marketing:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Social media outlets are best used for the first stage of marketing, which is awareness. Building that awareness successfully will make your followers curious enough to click on the link to your website to learn more about your products.

The point of social media marketing services is to get your business’ good name out there and to make yourself distinct from the competition. You can give yourself an edge by providing services that your competitors don’t and announcing these services with your social media accounts. Interact regularly with your online community and take note of common problems or concerns that come up in your industry. See if you can’t solve your customer’s problem by providing useful content created to help them directly. But you can’t assess what people want without having conversations with them regularly.

After some time has passed in your SMO campaign, perhaps you’ve generated interest. This is where you directly offer compelling reasons why your products and services beat the competition. Describe your service’s features and benefits, and social media outlets can help word get out fast and accelerate your conversion rates.

In your SMO campaign, it’s important that you’re linking to relevant pages on your website. If, for instance, your latest tweet mentions a specific product, your link should go to the page for that product, and not the homepage. You shouldn’t have to put your customer through the extra effort of finding the products they’re looking for.

SMO service isn’t just about using social media sites, however. It’s also about integrating your social media site with a properly optimized business website. When an internet user has clicked a link on your Twitter feed, he has gone from the awareness stage to the interest stage.

Investigating the website more closely and the products you offer will be key to stirring the next stage: desire. And in order for this to happen, your site ought to be user-friendly and optimized. If your website is difficult to navigate, on the other hand, than a user may very well give up and move on to your competition. Your online presentation and shopping cart experience are both utterly important in guiding a user to a purchase. If the desire to purchase is strong enough, the user will move into the action stage and buy your products.

The professionals at Sticky Web Media bring with them decades of internet marketing experience, so they understand what it takes to sell a product online – from awareness to action.