Social Media: One Piece of the SEO LA Puzzle

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.15.2012



Social media is a great place to start marketing for businesses that are online and even for those who have yet to make their way in to the online shopping world.  Although social media is an easy enough place to navigate, there are some tips that you should know before you jump in with your marketing campaign.  These tips and guidelines will help you as you start marketing on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.


The point for media companies in Los Angeles to begin marketing in social media sites is to gain connections.  The connections can be to other businesses, to customers, to family, to friends, and to people who may have never heard of your business.  By making these personal connections, you gain a loyal following to your business.  With the help of these social media connections, you can grow your business network fairly quickly.


The first step in social media marketing is to get to know your surroundings.  If you are just beginning to market using social media sites, it would be best to start with a site you are already familiar with and probably have a personal profile set up already.  This will mean that you know how to work the site and it will lead to fewer mistakes – mistakes that you do not want to have when campaigning for a business.


When integrating a business in to a social network, you should follow the same social media etiquette that you would if it were a personal profile.  For example, on Facebook you would not go and request to be friends with everyone you meet.


And on Twitter, you should not start following as many people as you can.  Since this is for a business, people are going to shy away from these actions and think that you are a spammer.  Instead, start out small and learn what kind of offers people react favorably to before you start branching out on the network.


This goes along with the next tip to not build your network too fast.  Remember: quality is better than quantity.  If you take your time and get to know a small amount of people, you will build a loyal following to your company.  It is better to have fifty friends that you have gotten to know well and will be loyal followers than to have several hundred that you have no connection with.


As a business, you really want that connection with people to be a strong one.  With social media, this is an easy thing to do.  You can show interest in your customers by checking profiles to see what they are interested in and sending personal messages rather than sending out a standard mass email.  If you do these small things, you will have more people accepting friend requests and following you back.


These are just small, and maybe obvious, tips to help you get started in the SEO LA marketing business.  A major part of LA SEO is all about the connections and links on social networking sites.  Once you get started with these guidelines, you have already mastered one part of search engine marketing.

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