Social Networking Can Bring Higher Rankings in Search Engine Marketing California

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 6.16.2012


Everything is all about social media and networking these days.  It is how people stay connected and share what they like and what they are thinking.  Because of this, more websites are hooking up to media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so that the word gets spread about what people are up to, what they like, and what they are buying.

One of the most basic marketing strategies used is to play into the influence the people around buyers have.  If a friend likes one thing, he or she is going to share it through social media and his or her friends are bound to like it as well. Social media allows you to see what your friends  “like” faster so that you are consuming the same items as well.

Because of the compulsion that people have to socially network their many aspects of daily life, it would make sense that having social signals or links on a web page could increase its ranking.  Smart search engine marketing California companies use this method.  Social networking could be considered the most efficient way to spread the word about a product.

The question is: how much do these social links play into rankings on search engines like Google? Does it pay to use search engine optimization in los angeles with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest?Based on previously “liked” or “pinned” items, Google can suggest other things that could be of interest to you, pushing those items up in a personal search ranking if the user is logged in to Google, making social signals be seen as personal.

Although social signals are seen as personal, which affects search ranking, signals are not the exact same thing as ranking factors.  Signal types are discovery, trust concepts, temporal, context, and behavioral.

With the help of social media, links and bookmarks can be sent through email or instant messengers, content can be posted on blogs, and content visible to others can be labeled.  All of these ways, data can be shared and made more noticeable.  The more easily consumers can find it, the higher ranking it will get.  Social media is a great way to find out about new merchandise available and something that los angeles local search engine marketing companies should use.

While social and links are major marketing tools, this does not mean it would be wise to spam these sites.  That would just lead to more trouble.  When you are using social media to supercharge your online marketing strategy, it is important to follow best practices.  If used properly, social media sites can help lead to higher rankings.

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