Some Common Mistakes People make while Picking Keywords.

Website owners who update themselves about search engine marketing know that for successful Internet marketing they need to pick and target right keyword and phrases as this is an integral part of their marketing campaign. Each technique becomes useless in spite of the site being optimized with a number of quality links if the website is not targeting the right keywords and phrases. The Eight key mistakes organizations often make while selecting the keyword phrases are :

01)      Targeting those keywords that people rarely use.

02)      Tendency to confuse the popularity of keywords with their appropriateness in proper place.

03)      Not being familiar with user intent while selecting keywords.

04)      Opting for single word keywords.

05)      Misalignment of keywords.

06)      Not taking the competitive aspects of keywords seriously.

07)      Lack of updating and periodic review of keywords.

08)      Lack of time to perform good keyword research as well as absence of sufficient resources.


The key phrase a user enters reveals the mental build of the user and whether they are in the buying mode. An instance being searchers who opt for car reviews indicate that the individual is in research phase and is not contemplating immediate purchase. The user who intends immediate purchase uses the keyword “fast auto financing”. This indicates their intention of buying the vehicle immediately thus it is vital to gauge user intent and this is possible through appropriate keyword usage. One needs to be careful while selecting keywords. Such caution ensures that the selected key phrases do not unintentionally conflict with unrelated industries. An example being a key phrase like “mobile marketing” may clash with the interest of any company selling advertisements on mobile devices. Hence, careful selection of keywords helps to prevent misalignment.  such mistakes could mean extra 70% revenue


Some common errors marketers make are outlined herein :

01)      Broad bidding is advisable – While planning the campaign concentrating on the giant keywords may bring in the bulk of the traffic. Focusing on “long tail” keywords is advantageous as the Ads are ranked higher if the keyword matches closely.

02)      Fighting for the first spot – Often being first in the paid search results is the best strategy for which one needs to research intensively.

03)      Avoid geo-targeting – It is best to create compelling Ads where the state name is added. Such strategies improve the click-through rate.

04)      Landing pages – It is best to repeat the keyword on the landing page as people tend to search for products / services which are offering discounts.

05)      Use unique keywords – Using customized keywords which are totally different from the competitors’ site as boring keywords never bring in the desired traffic.

06)      Not separating content match from search results – This mistake is commonly made and website owners should segregate their regular search advertising from content match.

07)      Not using keywords in Ad copy – Inserting keywords in Ad copy for its original purpose make the Ad more relevant. The keywords in the Ads should be in bold.

08)      Avoiding brand name keywords –. Bidding on competitor’s brand name is productive because the ROI (Return On Investment) on these keywords is ranked as excellent.


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