Southern California SEO Firms Alter Rankings on Google

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.11.2012



If you find search engine optimization and Internet marketing difficult, then you may be doing it wrong.  It does not have to be as difficult as the big words like “optimization” seem to imply.  The fancy words are just there to make spreading the word about a website, business, or anything else seem more glamorous.  Because, that is all marketing is – a fancy way to present an idea or product to a mass amount of people.


That is not to say that anyone can successfully use SEO when marketing for their website.  It just means that the concept behind marketing can be broken down and made easier to understand.  If you want the job done right and for it to be successful, then it is best to hire a southern California SEO company.


The job of a SEO in California company is to optimize your website on search engines.  But what does that word “optimize” mean?  In SEO firms, the marketing people throw that word around a lot and it seems to lose any sort of definition.  If you look up synonyms for the word in a thesaurus, you get words like “perfect”, “hone”, and “modify”.  But SEO firms are not altering your business in any way.  They are marketing what you have already created.  So what service do they offer business owners who are looking to hire them?


Search engine optimization can be broken down in to this:


Google can scan through the multitude of websites available in less than a second.  From all of these websites it can find the ones that mention the words that have been typed in to the search engine’s toolbar.  But Google does not just pick willy-nilly any website that once mentions a keyword you type in to the Google search bar.  It looks at the quality of the content and tries to best match what it is you are looking for.  The results end up being ranked by Google as the most relevant to the least relevant.  SEO companies’ jobs are to get your business’ website ranked at the top of these search engine results pages, otherwise called SERPs.


The companies do this by adding articles that talk about the same topic that your business is about.  They use keywords that relate to your business and add links between sites to lead back to your business’ site.  This marketing technique works to get your business ranked higher on Google’s search engine results pages.


While that is just the gist of things and barely scrapes the surface of SEO, it provides enough insight to see why search engine optimization is not as scary as it seems.  It is a doable Internet marketing strategy that has worked for previously for many business owners with websites.  With this technique, a website can go from being barely noticeable on Google to becoming the first website Google searchers see when looking up keywords relevant to your website.


SEO is the best way to go when you are looking to gain more traffic to your website.  Through a great and efficient company, it is possible to optimize your website’s ranking on Google.

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