Staring in Los Angeles Marketing

Staff Writer; Jessica Rennie

Date: 8.6.2012



Some marketing companies Los Angeles try to do it all: social media marketing, guerilla marketing, event marketing, search engine marketing, etc.  And while they have the manpower to do all of those and experience, if you are just starting your marketing company, you may want to stick to just one that you specialize in until you have enough loyal customers and you can expand your services.


Starting out with providing one service can be difficult when you are competing with the other Los Angeles marketing companies who have a large quantity of services to offer but specializing does have its pros and cons.  For starters, if you have this list of services, it will be hard to sell yourself as being highly experienced at all of them.  It would be more beneficial to have one strong area of expertise than a lot of areas where you have little to no expertise in.  On the other hand, you are up against big companies who do offer a lot of areas to market in.  You will just have to decide for yourself which direction you want to head in and who your target market is.


Once you decide on your services, you have to market your own company effectively.  This means having marketing materials to show an example of how experienced you are in marketing for other businesses.  Next, you will want to do a little research as to which areas in the business world need the type of services you are offering.  In other words, what businesses in the geographical area or businesses that are your specialty, might be interested in hiring you.  This is your target market and who you are going to spend time trying to convince to hire you.  It makes no sense to market your business for companies who do not need your services or do not need the services you provide.  It is a waste of both your time and theirs.


The next thing you need to do is make business connections.  Today, everything is about who you know and where you can make a connection.  It does not matter if you are the top person in your class or you have the best in your line of work if you do not know someone that can help you get your foot in the door.  The same goes for making business connections.  You could be the best marketer in the world but no one is going to care to hire you unless you have strong business connections with people who can recommend you and your work.


As an amateur in the marketing world, it would be highly beneficial for you to look closely at what the other marketing businesses are doing.  Even if you think you know it all, there is always something new to learn and that can be helpful for you someday.  Also, you will want to keep up to date with the latest and newest ways to market.  What works one day may not work the next.


Starting any kind of business is not an easy task.  But by following these little tidbits of information, you can make your own go at starting a marketing company.

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