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Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 8.6.2012



Optimizing your website is becoming more difficult to do these days as the search engine’s algorithms have changed to sort out the badly optimized sites from the truly well put together ones that do not use black hat tactics.  It is also more difficult to optimize because more and more content is being published on to the internet.  The competition between sites is increasing.  There are many factors that play in to where you rank on the search results.  This is just a small list that you can use to see how many you are using effectively and where you can get started next in increasing your rankings on the search engines.

Page Titles:

As one of the most important ranking factors for on-site SEO California, having pages titles that are accurate is essential to where you stand on a search engine results page.  The main thing to do is to use target keywords in the titles to improve rankings but do not use ones that are irrelevant to your topic.

Content Length and Quality:

Stuffing keywords and links in to the content on the pages of your website is not going to improve your rankings no matter how much keywords and links play a vital role in rankings.  Abusing the amount of keywords and links is just as harmful as they are hurtful to your rankings.  In other words, you want to concentrate more on your content’s length and quality. Let the keywords come naturally and add links where they will fit best.

User Interaction:

As social media sites have proven, people want to share everything that they like, that they are doing, and what they are thinking about certain topics.  So give the people what they want!  You can improve your site’s content and consequently, your rankings by adding ways that the visitors to your site can interact.  This could take the form of a discussion and comment section at the end of the page.  It could also be with letting the visitor rate the content or give product reviews.  Interaction can show how good and useful your content is to the search engines, specifically if the star ratings or comments are positive.

Social Signals:

As previously mentioned, people like to share what they are doing.  So give the option of “liking” or tweeting your article to the social media sites.  If you are going to do this, just make sure that the social sharing buttons are visible.  The best place for them is above the fold or at the very end of the page’s content.

This is just a very short of list of things to do to optimize your site.  It is a basic way to get started before moving on to more ways to improve your site.  They are easy enough to do and are the starting point for SEO services Los Angeles when a SEO company is just beginning to optimize a site.  By following these tips, you have the potential to improve your rankings to where you want them to be at.

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