Starting Your Own SEO Company in California

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann

Date: 7.23.2012


Lots of people have found working in the field of website SEO servicesto be a great career move – it is fun, interesting and, with the constant growth of the Internet, an SEO company in California is always in demand.  As a result, more and more SEO companies are popping up and gaining momentum.  If you’re currently working in SEO and are thinking about starting your own business, you probably have a lot of questions: How do you begin?  How should you promote yourself?  How do you generate leads and acquire good clients?  And most of all, how do you stay competitive?


If you’ve already logged some time working for SEO Services Company California, you have a definite advantage.  Working for someone else gives you opportunity without risk.  You have the chance to learn the intricacies of the business, its unique demands, its trends and its market value.  You can sharpen your skills and hone your craft without the added responsibilities of running a business yourself.  Finally, and maybe most importantly, this experience allows you to pursue critical professional networks and develop alliances that might be useful should the day come when you start your own company.


Step One?  Create a dynamic online presence by developing and optimizing your company website.  Make sure it includes all the basics, especially the ways in which a potential client can contact you.  That includes email addresses and phone numbers as well as links to social media sites you might be using, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.  (These sites also help in establishing a company brand and connecting to an immediate audience.)  It’s incredible how much business is lost by not providing appropriate and accurate contact information.  You may even want to enhance your site by adding a personal blog that discusses the SEO industry at large, your contributions, and some of the practices you personally find most effective.  The more readily you can convey your philosophy, the more likely you’ll connect with visitors who, in turn, may eventually become clients.  And if you already have a few clients, ask them for testimonials.  Referrals are still a highly effective marketing tool.


Step Two, develop a fee structure.  Clients who are researching SEO services are certainly comparing prices, and you don’t want to be overlooked by not offering some kind of guide.  Do your research and learn what your specific market can comfortably support. As a new business, you might even want to consider offering discounts for first-time customers as a way of introducing your services, generating new clients and enhancing your portfolio.  You can do this either through your own site, or through some of the popular daily deal models such as Groupon.


Step Three, savvy self-marketing.  This can best be achieved by utilizing social media platforms and link building techniques.


SEO is an exciting new industry that holds unlimited potential.  By strategizing, optimizing and delivering a quality product, your personal success just is a click away.

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