Startup Tips Offered By an SEO Specialist

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.27.2012

Facebook is an immensely popular social media site that is quickly growing in the ways of advertising and business networking.  Any SEO specialist knows that social media is a great way to market a website, especially when combined with SEO.  For those who want to use Facebook to connect with their targeted traffic but lack the know-how, here are some startup tips:

First, you must understand why you’re marketing to begin with, to better maximize your business’ return.  Sit down and write out your marketing goals and work out a strategy to best achieve these goals.  Keep your target audience in mind when planning this out.  You may want to use your Facebook page as customer service or use it to post the latest news in the industry, whichever you decide, try not to stray from your goals.

Make sure you update your Facebook routinely.  Don’t ignore it for months at a time, because your followers will think that you just don’t care about them or your business.  Decide ahead of time if a Facebook page is something that your business needs, if so make a posting schedule to help keep you updating frequently enough for your fans, but not too much.

Facebook offers paid advertising for businesses.  These ads can be shown to a customized demographic like: specific age, gender, location and interests.  You can also set your own bid price and campaign budget and test as many ad images, headlines, and as copy as much as you want or need.  It’s definitely wonderful for those with a specific targeted audience range.

Those who “like” your Facebook page can be updated by the administrator.  Make sure these updates are important information and don’t make a habit of doing this often.  You don’t want your fans to grow irritated and think of your posts  as “spam.”

Facebook can be connected with some outside websites, so that when you update a blog or post an article your fans will see it in their feed or on your page.  This’ll help boost the chances of that SEO specialist post or article being seen and help to gain more members of your targeted audience.  You can also share important information you come across about your industry with your “fans.”  If they find the information interesting, they’ll usually share it amongst their own network, which in turn potentially grows yours.

Facebook has an analytics built into your page.  Facebook Insights tracks amount of  interaction with your “fans.”  Use this to fine-tune how you run your page and activities, just how you would with your website.

In your marketing silo being one dimensional will not get you very far in your goals.  Having multiple ways for your future and returning customers to learn about your business will help secure conversions.  Social media is a free and easy way to establish a brand name for up and coming businesses.  Social media is a free and easy way to establish a brand name for up and coming businesses.

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