No matter how good your brand is, if your company or store can’t be easily seen online, the likelihood of selling your products isn’t going to compare with what topnotchers in search results are enjoying. Stella Rosa is one excellent wine brand but they knew they need the help of search engine optimization to become more successful. They knew they had to turn to us

Our search engine optimization and promotion solutions at Sticky Web Media helped Stella Rosa in significantly augmenting their online presence. It’s not just about simple efforts at link building and some generic keyword optimization. A great brand like Stella Rosa definitely deserves something more than just the ordinary. That’s why we provide a dependable optimization approach to ensure that Stella Rosa gets better prominence online, that it tops search results for a number of keywords or keyword phrases.

We are proud to say that we helped Stella Rosa in achieving an all-time high in holiday sales as we implemented optimization solutions on the site. To emphasize, the rise in sales is due to Stella Rosa’s increasing prominence online made possible by our SEO solutions. We made sure that the solutions we undertook for the site yielded actual benefits. It’s not just about making websites go on top of search results for a bunch of keywords or keyword phrases. We did careful analysis on the nature of the site and what it really needs.

We at Sticky Web Media are bound by the commitment of giving search engine optimization solutions that produce truly beneficial results. We believe that it’s useless optimizing for certain keywords that don’t translate to real web traffic. We don’t simply pick random keywords related to a client’s website. We make sure that the keywords we optimize sites for are going to provide real world benefits, in sales in particular. These keywords should be keywords used by real people who are looking for the products being offered by a client. Not only that — these keywords should preferably be the keywords used by those who have intentions of buying something. Not all keywords are created equal. Some have way greater value than others and we guarantee that we only focus on the keywords that matter.

The official Stella Rossa website, the base URL, now occupies the third spot among Google’s search results for the keyword phrase “semi-sweet and sparkling red wines.” The “Collections” page, on the other hand, is the top result for the keyword phrase “semi-sweet and sparkling wines.” Even better, for location based searches, several of Stella Rosa’s pages top the results for the phrase “semi-sweet wines from Italy” and “semi-sweet wines from Northern Italy.” The site or its pages, likewise, appears on the first page of the results for a number of other relevant keywords on semi-sweet wines, sparkling wines, moscato d’asti, and wines in Northern Italy. All these could only mean a better online presence for Stella Rosa. These could only mean greater sales for Stella Rosa.

Of course, we can’t share the specific techniques we did to achieve the results we have been able to create for Stella Rosa. However, we guarantee that all of our solutions have at least two common factors: our emphasis on prominent online presence and focus on keywords or keyword phrases that translate to sales and other practical benefits. Stella Rosa is just one example of the practical optimization solutions we at Sticky Web Media are able to provide. We can certainly deliver the same results or even better for many other types of websites.