Studying More Effective Alternatives in Radio Advertising Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 5.27.2012


Studies have shown that when a consumer is faced with a negative political ad campaign, they consciously and reflexively avoid the message contained within it. This also occurs with radio advertising Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a city that contains tons of adspace, but who’s to say how often consumer reflexively ignore such ads in order to avoid succumbing to the influence of them. The purpose of these studies are for any advertising agency Los Angeles to be familiar with the “psychology of advertising” in order to discover how best to market to the public.

Studies also show that advertising does, indeed, help in increasing revenue for the brand, which means that, thankfully, advertising still seems to be working. With new technologies developing, however, one ought to consider newer methods of steering customers towards a brand.

One such emerging method is sponsorship. Advertising researchers in Los Angeles marketing firm environments have been attempting to study at what level does sponsorship become the most effective with consumer support, or even if specific levels of sponsorship matter at all. In study the effects of sponsorship, researchers announced that sponsorship does indeed greatly affect a brand’s ad campaign.

Researchers have also been looking into how consumers interact with wireless advertising. The results of the study showed that most of the participants were more open to wireless advertising than they were to more traditional modes of advertising, as well to the social benefits that wireless advertising entails.

Studies showed that participants that used wireless advertising, because of the fast, up to date nature of such advertising, felt that wireless advertising was more cutting edge than other more traditional advertising methods. Wireless advertising also served as a better way to say “in the know,” according to some participants, by connecting with their peers and colleagues in ways that print and television ads would never be able to accomplish. There is a definite social aspect that motivates consumers to want to participate in wireless advertising, such as in the form of viral marketing. Wireless advertising between consumer and brand also were perceived as generally more “personalized” and intimate.

Consumers, however, would never pay for such messages from companies, such as email reminders and Internet coupon codes. More often than not, costumers would attempt to unsubscribe to services that sent them unsolicited emails.

In order to ensure such personalized service, brands would need to compile customer information based on their Internet profiles or search engine keywords, such as their demographics, lifestyle, brand preferences and history of purchase behaviors. This information would ensure that the more personalized information sent to the customer is relevant to the costumer.

In terms of sponsorship, studies have tried to figure out whether the level of sponsorship a brand has at any popular event, such as sports events or special televised specials, has any significance on the customer. It is best to be the most visible, gold-tier sponsor at any given event, or is it still just as effective to be a mid-tier sponsor? Studies have shown that a concept call local prominence has an advantage during local events. Moreso than national brands, local businesses getting a boost at public events would gain an even more significant boost than that of more popular, national brands.

When you are launching an ad campaign, it is important to hire an agency that understands the most effective means of delivering your message to your target audience.  By understanding how and why consumers react to ads the way that they do, you are able to ensure success for your business.

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