Submit a URL Free Through Automatic Directory Submission and Submit to Alexa and Google and Other Popular Sites for Online Visibility

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer,  9-14-2009

Every website is give a domain name to act as its identity in order to be distinguished from any other sites which thrive on the internet. Like a person’s name, the domain makes each of the websites distinct from each other no matter how similar or different their products or services are. In an online community, you can expect a million websites for a single trade. It is indeed a point of question how the websites are made unique from each other despite of the number. The ability of the website to stand out among million others is rare. Free automatic directory submission is one method which a website can avail of in order for it to be recognized by search engines. But the effort to dominate is not as easy as automated submission. Submission cannot bring your website to the top alone.

It is high time we recognize the significance of search engines in every online trade. The search engines manipulate the entire process on the internet. Without the search engines, search will not be easy online. The need for an online business to be recognized and to be known by researchers and potential customers depends on the search engines in general. Before you are going to grab that free website submission to Google, you still have to check out the things which might affect the evaluation of the search engine. The website is indeed a search engine optimization arm in itself. It is highly recommended that you make sure all aspects of the websites are working in adherence to search engine algorithms.

Whether you submit a URL to Alexa or any other search engines, you need to have a comprehensive and practical website ready for the search engine crawler to explore. Search engine crawlers have set of rules when doing their journey in your web pages. As you submit a URL, you allow the search engine crawler to scour your site for information. The crawler then begins to find keywords which match possible searches. If the keywords are in the right location and frequency, the crawler will then download a portion of your web page for ranking. Search engines will figure out where your keywords are place. They would check on the title and the headings of your pages and see if they can find potential keywords. HTML meta tags are composed of keywords and are placed on top of the page. This information could not be seen by page browsers. Meta tags are found in between the opening and closing head tags. Moreover, the title tag is also crucial for the search engines. Search engine crawlers depend their ranking in the title tags you provide in every page of your website. On the other hand, meta description tags allow the search engines to influence the entire description of your page. The keywords or terms used in any of the tags are useful in such a way that they reinforce the terms in which a page is greatly significant to.

As you submit a URL, you also want to make sure that the URL would contain the words that truly reflect the trade your website is into. The URL’s four elements are derived within the pages of the website. If the website domain is efficient and clear and the title pages are reflective of the content, then the URL is most likely to open the opportunity for you to earn target traffic hits. This will explain why you actually have to check on all aspects of your website before deciding to grab a free automatic directory submission. The search engines in which you have submitted your website would also anchor their judgment on the efficacy of the URLs you have listed. URLs are not just made instantly without thought. URLs are ideally short and with lesser elements like punctuation marks. They must also contain anything that would describe your website because search engines highly depend on them for indexing.

Website submission is free. It is one of the greatest things which search engines can offer you in terms of building your popularity and polishing your visibility online. It doesn’t mean, though, that if you have not paid for this service, you can lavishly waste the chance of promotion by carelessly creating a website beyond the rules of the search engines. Take advantage of its being free by making the most out of this chance. Submit a URL if and only if you are sure that your website is worth all the efforts. You have millions of competitors on the internet who are trying their best to be seen, too. Every free chance is a chance for you to grab and maximize. Dwell on keywords and focus on their location and frequency on the article. Moderation is the key. Over loading your site with keywords will make an impression of spamming. Logically, over loading your website with aesthetics will not do any good to it, too.

Search engine optimization and internet marketing in general is a holistic approach. All aspects of your online business should work in coherence. Keywords, tags, descriptions, lay out; content, images and the ease of downloading your pages are just a few of the many considerations you need to optimize.

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