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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-009            

Marketing on the Internet has become the prime choice of advertising for business owners.  Whether a traditional business or Internet storefront online businesses have the ability to boom increasing profits into unimaginable proportions.

Since the early 1990’s the World Wide Web has existed and has produced successful marketers.  It began an era that was an opportunity to everyone, young. Old, educational and non-educated and, it produced millionaires.

Marketing begins with a strategic plan.  It begins with an investment of time and budget to seek a professional internet marketer or to avail of internet marketing strategy that incredibly directs traffic to your website.  Marketing is complex and either study or a professional will be necessary.

A strategic plan is:

Constructing a short and long term plan, estimating current and future need with interim objectives that take you to your goal.  It is the outline of the organization’s overall direction, philosophy and purpose.  The outline will include examining current status in terms of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, setting long term objectives and formulating short term tactics to reach the goal.

Strategic Plan in Process:

  1. Mission
  2. Objectives
  3. Situation Analysis
  4. Strategy Formulation
  5. Implementation
  6. Control


Promoting in the search engines is everything.  With being ranked high in the search engines opens the door to millions of users.  Positioning should be on page one.

To reach top position in the search engines one must advertise.  Every visitor to your web site counts as a vote in the search engines along with relevant content.  Visitors are everything.  They are what keeps you ahead of the competition and what keep in the top spots. Your site also must be submitted through the search engines.  Perform a simple search of the keyword phrase submit my URL and you will find many sites to submit to.

Marketing will typically consist of a combination of methods.  From email campaigning to video campaigning, it is a practice that will have to be done consistently and be monitored regularly.  Tracking your campaigns is everything.  It will allow you to view your success and where it is coming from.  You must submit your website to the search engines.  Free website submission to search engines can be performed through free URL submission sites. 

Search engine optimization is one form of advertising that is designed to position you in the search engines.  With search engine optimization the marketer begins with constructing his site to be search engine friendly.  This is done through the use of keyword phrases.  Keyword phrases are those words that best suit your product or business and will be placed in critical areas of your site along with its heading where search engines recognize the keywords and will pull the site when the keyword phrase is selected.  Once the site is constructed, advertising will begin.  Remember, you must submit your site to the free URL submission sites first.

Article submissions will be the main source of search engine advertising along with review submissions and   forum advertising.  With article submission the content must be interesting and professional.   Content that keeps the reader interested and leading them to your site is one essential key to website success.  This is done as adding your site link as a resource in the end of the article.  Through article submissions you will be creating inbound links directing to your site.  The higher the site rankings in the search engines the higher your article will be listed when the keywords are searched in the search engine.  The keywords will have to be included in the header and throughout the content of the article.  This too will help with your search engine rankings once you have submitted to the free URL submission sites. 

Review submissions will be another form of advertising.  With the review submissions you will be creating inbound links directing to your site as well.  Here, it is mandatory that the reviews be written in the most professional style and with the ability to keep the reader interested.

Forum posting is creating outbound links to your web site.  This is through posting in forums advertisements about your company. With forum posting it is necessary to monitor frequently.  You must check back often to view your advertisement to see if anyone has left questions or comments.  Without doing so could lose a prospect.

Pay per click is another form of search engine advertising.  With the pay per click programs you will be paying every time your search engine is clicked on via the search engines.  You will bid with keyword phrases and every time the keyword phrase is selected in the search engines your site will be pulled.  The site will be shown under a sponsored or featured listing or will be listed to the right of the site.  With the pay per click you will not need to submit your site to free URL submission sites as it will be listed as a paid listing.
Traffic exchanges are another way in which to generate site views rapidly and are utilized by many marketers.   With the traffic exchanges marketers advertise to one another to generate views to their sites.  It is a rapid method to build site views.  The more sites the marketer views the more his site will be seen.  Thousands of site reviews can be achieved in a short amount of time.

Targeted email campaigning is another form of advertising that brings excellent results.  With the targeted email campaigning one targets the audience that is best for their product or service and then sets out to promote to them through email campaigning.   Through targeting the audience promotion results are improved as visits to the site are more likely to turn into conversions. Submit to free URL submission sites and advertise.

The best strategy is often times the service of a professional.  However, education can be learned through the World Wide Web with many sites such as They too offer professional services beyond helping the marketer free of cost and are very professional in running campaigns.

Begin with your strategic plan and be consistent.  Monitor each campaign to know the results being gained.  Expand on productive campaigns and eliminate unproductive campaigns or improve them.  Results will be achieved in time and with following your strategic plan you will bring your company to where you want it to be in the future

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