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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

The real world offers television and radio campaigning, magazine and newspaper campaigning, billboard broadcasting, bulletin board advertising and more.  The virtual world of the World Wide Web was a welcoming means of advertising to the traditional business and for the first time a business could advertise globally at a very affordable cost.  Where the cost of a television advertising program could mean a cost that far exceeds the budge of many traditional businesses a global campaign on the World Wide Web is not.  And, it has brought the traditional business success both locally and globally that was once unachievable.  Online storefronts have also entered the scene with many entrepreneurs that have built fortunes for themselves.  The Web is an opportunity for everyone and finding the right product to promote for the individual that wants to try his hand at the Web will be the first step to creating a successful online business.  It will take many hours of dedication and some online marketers quickly become addicted to the World Wide Web.

Establishing a business online includes the production of a website and the means to advertise.  An advertising budget may be required but if the online business owner / marketer have a fair amount of time to invest it can be achieved at no cost.  This will take many hours of dedication however and many online business owners / marketers do not have the time necessary.

Top search engine positioning is the highest performance rating an online business marketer / owner can accomplish.  It is successfully advertising and beating out all your competitors and begin ranked in the search engines above your competition.  It is a difficult position to achieve and requires a strong will by the online business owner / marketer or a professional with the expertise in the art of marketing.  You must submit a web link to the search engines for acknowledgement. This can be done through free website directory submission sites. For this reason, many online business marketers choose to use the service of a professional.  Although there are many professionals one thing remains, you must find the “right” professional, one that is a good fit for your company and a good fit with you.  Communication is a must and when choosing a professional ask questions.  The professional should be able to discuss the campaign conveying the knowledge of the advertising methods that are being considered and possibly used and have the knowledge of the industry of your product or service.

Marketing Media Methods Which May be Suggested by your Professional: 

Online Classifieds:  This will be the submission of ads such as the newspaper but online.  These are highly effective and targeted and often times create a high conversion rate.

Pay Per Click:  This is a paid promotional advertising in the search engines which the advertiser/marketer will bid on keywords and pay at a cost per click to his website when the site is clicked via the search engines.  This will be a listing in the sponsored top five search results.

Banner Advertising:  This is placements over the network of the Internet of complementary sites to your product or service to gain exposure and increase conversions this is highly effective.

Article Submissions.  This generates many links directing to your website.  Articles are written using keywords and submitted to the different article sites on the Internet.  This is an excellent way to rank in the search engines through the article sites standings and one of the best marketing methods for a marketer to take advantage of.

Blogging.  Blogging is done in the form of a website but without the complications of a website construction.  Creating a blog is relatively simple as you do not have the complex softwares to deal with.  Blogging advertising is done through the use of continually updating the site with new information allowing the viewers to leave comments and ask questions to often check back to receive new information on the product or service.  It is a great means of advertising and developing a following for the business.  With blogging you will also need to submit website search engine free sites such as google and free website directory submission.

Search engine listing is important, search engine ranking is more important, however, it will be necessary to submit web site to search engines and to submit a web link is typically done through a free website directory submission.  To submit website search engine free can be done as well.  The individual search engines have their own submission sites which can be submitted for free.

Advertising methods are many and you as a marketer will likely choose a combination of methods.

One quick method of advertising that generates thousands of site views for the online business marketer / owner is the use of the traffic exchange.  Traffic exchanges were developed with the intention of employees to rate employers websites, however, they have grown into a marketing tool for promotion for the online business marketer / owner and are used greatly among small businesses and low cost businesses.  Traffic exchanges are designed so that a marketer views websites and in return his website is viewed.  The marketer with time to invest can achieve thousands of site views rapidly improving his search engine rankings.  Remember free website directory submission,and advertise.

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