Submit Website to Search Engines for Free Such as MSN Com and Promote your URL Reaching Top Results

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

Everyone is looking for a combination of techniques to succeed on the Internet.  Traditional business owners and online storefronts alike are taking advantage of the Internet for a means to make additional income.  It has become the golden goose for many entrepreneurs and has made waves since its beginning in the early 1990’s.

Search engines are the keyword in advertising.  The search engines are where you will receive the most views to your site and convert the most sales.  The goal is to advertise so that you receive more hits than the competition, and are ranked in the top positions.  Every vote in the search engines increases your standing in the search engines upping your site in the rankings of the search engines.

Search engines crawl the many sites each day and at the end of the day index the listings.  Then, when someone enters the keyword or keyword phrase they draw the matching results from their database index listing the results.  Although submission of your site through the search engines does not guarantee that you will be listed, it does increase the odds.

Search engine submissions will be to submit your URL to search engines.  This will allow your site to be listed in the search engines and acknowledged.  However, just to submit your URL to search engines does not guarantee your placement.  Your placement will be determined through popularity and relevant content.  Most submission sites allow you to submit website to search engines for free, submit URL MSN com and Google submit URL are two.  Submit URL MSN com is a popular search engine which is a great engine to be listed in.

Being ranked high in the search engines is the prime of Internet marketing.  The search engines have become a million dollar industry for every industry category imaginable.  This is where the online business doors are opened to billions of World Wide Web users and where high profits result.  Often times a professional is sought to ensure the online business marketers success.  A professional can be anyone assisting with simple guidance to the intense strategic planning of the online business and putting it into effect.  Promotional efforts will go unrecognized in the search engines without your URL to search engines.  Submit URL MSN com and to other major search engines.

Online business marketing begins with the construction of your website and continues into the advertisement of the website.  There are many forms of advertising but search engine optimization by rule is the most successful in having your online business ranked in the search engines and in the lead positions.  Competition is high on the Web and the competitors are always trying to take the lead it is necessary for the online business owner to gain popularity on the Internet and exposure.  One simple search of real estate agents produces millions of results.  The real estate agent on the last page is not likely to receive any views to his website but the real estate agent on the first page is likely to receive millions of site views.  Positioning is everything and getting to the top of the search engines is necessary. Submit your URL to search engines to be recognized.

Considerations when creating your website:

  1. Domain Name

This is your address on the World Wide Web.  It is what users will resort to when “calling” you.

The best suggestion is to choose a domain name that is the same as your product name.  This is convenient for the searcher and suggests a more distinguished, trustworthy site.

  1.  Design your Websites Home Page

This is definitely the most important page.  This is the first impression that your prospects will have of your company.  Make sure that you page is informative and clear, without long paragraphs.  Divide and mark text with headers.

Let the prospects know what to do or where to go.  Do you want them to shop or browse your sites pages?  If so, direct them.

Make sure your site is attractive by using color.  This helps to captivate your audience and makes them feel more comfortable.

  1.  About Us Page

This page will convey who you are and what you are about.  List all details that will be of importance to the prospects/customers.

Include where you are located and direction for locals.  This is a means of making the small business professional and in the realm of the big boys.

Again, use short paragraphs.

  1. Contact Us Page

This is the best way for the prospect/customer to contact you.  You should include your phone number and email address.

You may also include access to onsite email sending which they can send a message through.

  1. Advertising Ration

Keep the sites advertising ration down to 25% or less.  Sites that are over populated with ads not only distract from the purpose of your site they simply lose interest considering it a spam site.

  1.  Keep it simple

Don’t use animation or sounds that distract the viewer.

Scrolling text is another irritant.

  1. Image Backgrounds

Don’t.  This is a sign of an amateur.

  1.  Organize

Make your site search friendly.  Looks and information are everything.  Index and have a well planned guide to your website’s information.

  1. Minimize Clicking

You do not want the visitor to have to click on five hundred pages to get the information they are searching for.

  1. Limit page length.

You do not want someone to have to continue clicking for information on the current reading.

  1. Navigation Menu

This should be included on every page.  This will allow the user to go where he/she wishes to go.

Put the navigation links at the top or to the side.

  1. Seek Advice.

Don’t neglect the professional.  This is often times the best you can do for your business.


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