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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

Marketing is a creation; creation of clients, of customers and creation of a society for the marketer.  It is the persuasion to purchase your product or service.

Online businesses are all over the Internet.  For the business owner the World Wide Web is the most affordable means of advertising.  Both traditional and storefront businesses advertise on the World Wide Web.  From the start, the World Wide Web opened the doors to a new form of business, the online business. Today many individuals worldwide have taken advantage of World Wide Web opening a business of their own.

Owning a storefront on the Internet is simple and it is affordable. One can choose to construct their own site or they can join affiliate programs and matrixes, promoting for additional income and the opportunity to work from home.  There are many successful marketers that began with an interest and a little spare time and are generating profits beyond expectations.  Choosing a product to promote typically begins with finding your area of interest.  Once the product or service is found then strategic planning will begin.  A strategic plan is where you want to take your company and how you plan on getting there.

Search engines are in the hundreds these days and to submit web page to search engines will get the marketer acknowledged in the search engines.  Ranking in the search engines will come from relevant content on your website and online visits to your site.  Each visit rates as a vote to your site and the more votes you have the higher your positioning will be.  The marketer can submit site free becoming listed in many different search engines.  It is always wise to submit to the leading search engines such as to submit URL MSN search and Google.  A simple search on the engines with the keyword phrase submit my URL free will yield many results as there are directories and individual sites which one can submit through. For submission on Google itself, one must just enter their URL link.  One can also add comments or keywords about their site.  Then, with a simple captcha entering, one will have the link submitted.  There is no guarantee that the site will be entered however, but the chances do increase. For this reason many marketers choose to purchase visits or hits to their site and to use traffic exchanges.

For the low budget businesses traffic exchanges are a Godsend.  This is a membership of Internet marketers that join together to view one another’s websites increasing their rankings in the search engines.  The more sites you view the more your site will be viewed.  Thousands of visits to your site can be achieved weekly with the use of a traffic exchange.

Search engine optimization is a wonderful form of advertising that is free.  Search engine optimization advertising was designed for the purpose of building the marketer higher in the search engines.  Through the use of keywords and search engine friendly websites and advertising methods such as article submission and reviews the marketer is able to achieve high listings in the search engines.  Always remember to submit site free at least once a month.

Search engine optimization and pay per click are the most important of the search engine advertising.  Search engine optimization is basically link building.

Ways in which to build links to your site:

Article submissions:  This is an excellent way of creating inbound links to your site.  The marketer has the advantage of the article site’s ranking in the search engine and when promoting with keywords through his article, will be drawn higher in the ranking of the search engine due to the site’s ranking.  Article writing should be done consistently, with no less than a few articles a week.  This generates traffic and conversions.

  1. Article Sites.  One can engage in submitting to articles sites such as ISnare, EzineArticles, GoArticles, etc.  These are all excellent sites to build quality high ranking links directing to your website.
  2. Article Submission Sites.  Article submission sites will submit your articles to a number of article sites at a time.  These are typically called directory sites and can be accessed through such sites as,, etc.  A Google search will yield many results.
  3. Article Submission Softwares.  These are excellent tools which can be found free on the Internet and submit to hundreds of article sites at the click of a button.  Very useful and very recommended.

Review submissions:  This, too, is an excellent way to create links directing to your site.  With the review submissions you will be creating many links directing to your site through the directories of the review site in the search engines.  One can rank high using this technique and traffic and conversions due increase.

Forums:  Forums are an excellent way of creating backlinks to your website.  Posting through forums will generate traffic to your website through the outbound link of the forum.

Pay per click is also a campaign which many marketers choose to engage in.  This is a paid campaign that can be as low as a few dollars and as high as the thousands.  With the pay per click the marketer will bid on keyword phrases among other marketers which relate to his product.  Each time a marketer receive a visit via the search engines a charge is occurred.

With the Pay Per Click programs results can happen immediately.  They are also constantly changing.  One day you may receive the winning bid the following you may be completely out of the running.  This will all depend on the bidding of other marketers.  It is necessary to monitor the campaign constantly as the bidding amounts may also go down and you would wish to lower your bid amount.  The pay per click is a campaign that can begin or end at any time.  You do not need to use the entire balance in your account to cancel the campaign.  With pay per click there is no need to submit web page to search engines.

With all advertising you will want to create as much for your campaign as possible.  This may be choosing many keywords and constructing landing pages for each one.  Landing pages are a good technique for the marketer for many reasons. With these too, you will submit web page to search engines sites such as submit URL MSN search.  For advertising with the use of keywords and for creating unique pages that will attract prospects.

The skill required to promote successfully will come.  One must devote many hours to the development of the techniques necessary to conquer marketing on the World Wide Web.

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