Submit your URL and Flourish the entire Web: How my Site went straight to the Top of Google and MSN Com

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer,  9-14-2009

Increased traffic hits are the goal of every online business owner. The never-ending innovation of these owners to their websites and the journey to finding more and more means to improve their search engine rankings is because of their aim to generate the revenues they intend for their website. Hits are the reasons for an online website owner to strive for more methods to optimize his website and make the most out of his efforts to submit to the entire web. Website submission is a tactic that requires the website owner to take care of all the aspects of his online business. The website is considered the online trade’s home. A home is where everything that influences the growth of the individual is to be found. It is more than a sleeping place. Like the home, the website is more than a venue for earning money.

Although money might be the driving force for someone to go online, the role of a website is to provide the necessary information to searchers because their primary goal of browsing the internet is to get data. A website is supposed to supplement the queries of the visitors by providing original, factual, precise, and interesting content written in conversational and light manner. If this purpose is not met, then the website does not make any sense of its existence and would rather not be considered for submission. On the other hand, any website which the owner wants to submit URL to, or to any other search engines for that matter, should see to it that it provides the answers to visitor’s questions.

Yes, every online trade owner would want to say: I am ready to submit my website to Google! But the question of readiness is not all about you. The question lies in the website. Is the website ready? Is it equipped with the essential elements of a website which adheres to search engine algorithms? Does it employ all the significant optimization schemes so that when the search engine crawler gets to travel on it, it may find the best relevant information which others could not give?

You may have taken for effect the many search engine optimization techniques but these will not work if you have not implemented its principles on your website itself. For instance, you can never opt for article submission techniques if the content of your website is not excellent. You might want to provide a good content first before proliferating links to other websites.  Good links should be directed to good landing pages. The high quality articles you have done for article submission would be void and null if visitors are directed to a site with crap content. On the other hand, even if you submit URL to regularly if you are offering the same content over and over again, you are not doing internet marketing anymore.

Content is the only king which could not be ousted or replaced. Content is the online king, forever. The content is in itself a basis for search engine rankings. If the content has the exact matching keywords and they have adequate density, then there is a big possibility for your website to be enlisted on the search engine top priority listing. The search engine crawler will go over the web pages seeking for relevant content. Once it has detected a good and relevant content, it will copy and download a portion of it, store it in the data base and rank it accordingly.

Website submission is the primary and most effective way to making your website known globally. Even if your trade or business is intended for a community alone, the internet has the ability to introduce it to the world when you submit to the entire web. The internet’s global reach is something which other forms of mass media could not provide. It can make you run into homes, offices, cafes and schools in any corner of the globe. Where the internet is, there your business is. This is online magic which you can have if you submit your URL to search engines. Popularity is the goal of any website submission process. Visibility comes with popularity because once your website takes the search engine top rank; you naturally appear on top of the search results.

Compared to other traditional forms of mass media, online marketing through website submission gives results in just few moments from implementation. You need not wait for few long weeks before you take in the result of your ranking if you are confident that your website was crafted with ingenuity and creativity. URLs are what you use when you submit URL to MSN, like Yahoo and Google, can be your way to flourish the internet.  You just have to make sure that you don’t deviate from the set of rules which the search engines use as guide in evaluating your website.

For guideline to visit the search engine journal which will provide you with in depth guidelines and regulations.


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