Submit your URL Web Link to MSN and Google Search Engine and Other Engines Free and How to Generate a Successful Website Campaign!

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

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Search engines have surely outgrown their expectation and are now one of the sought after advertising methods on the internet. Search engines have succeeded in almost every field, be it satisfying the needs and requirements of the regular browser, providing a well laid platform for websites to submit web link and be traced by their prospective customers or even in internet marketing through pay-per-click and other similar programs. When webmasters submit web link to search engines, it becomes easier for the bots to crawl through the web and find relevant information required by the browsers. However, there are many factors that decide whether or not the website will be displayed in the position that matters. It is not mandatory that once you submit web link it will be displayed in the very next search. Whether or not to display your website is left to the sole discretion of the search engines, though you can follow steps called “search engine optimization (SEO)” to increase your chances of being displayed. Fortunately there is no dearth of search engines, but Google and Yahoo figures amongst the most popular ones. The smaller the search engine, the lesser competition you would have however this also conversely affects your site’s viewer-ship. One of the fastest growing forces in search engines on the net are MSN and nine MSN.

There is some serious traffic happening there and you must submit URL to MSN search engine if you want to make hay while sun shines. Of course being listed in more search engines results will be most beneficial, so even if you have already submitted to a couple of search engines it won’t hurt. It is not a difficult task to submit URL to MSN search engine though you may need to do more than just using the regular SEO tools. First of all your website should be in English. Secondly, MSN search engine is not an adult search engine and hence your site should not have any pornography content, adult or pornographic advertising, and any kind of content that can infringe or violate other legal rights, gratuitous or graphic violence, and content promoting illegal activities. MSN web pages section is powered by Income Search Index and you may want to consider including your site in this too for bettering your chances of being traced. For MSN search engine bots to crawl over your site, your site should not mirror or be redirected to other websites. Do remember that even after following the MSN website submission guidelines to the ‘T’ when you submit URL to MSN search engine, there is no guarantee on the acceptance of your site or the turnaround time it will take for your site to be listed. However MSN/nine MSN search engine URL submission is free and worth the try and the wait.

The process to submit URL to MSN search engine can be finished in just three simple steps. You first need to visit MSN search, to do this type search in the URL window of your web browser and allow the page to load fully. Once the site is loaded access the site submission form by clicking on “Add URL” link located below the MSN search field. You will get a form with three simple questions. In the first field type your website’s complete address including the http:// and remember it should be in lower case letters. In the second field, type your working email address. Take care to see that the email address is valid or your site will never be allowed in the MSN search engine. The third field is for the title of your page. Only the first letters of your title should be capitalized and the rest should be in small cases. There is also a dropdown “Select a Category” menu from which you need to choose the best category that your website fits in. Next go to the description field and put in a brief description of the content present on your site. The description should be limited to 225 characters. Finally click on the submit button for MSN to review your site and include it in their search engine results.

The main advantage of search engine to webmaster is one can submit web site to search engines free of cost. Thus search engines are beneficial not only to the browsers but to the web owners also. Then you would want to know how to submit a web site to Google. The answer is quite simple. You first need to visit which allows you to share a place on the net with millions of other sites. In fact all the details on how to submit a web site to Google are explained in simple steps on this site. Submit web site to search engines free answering just two questions, first type in your URL including the http;// and then put in comments pertaining to the content of your site. You can treat these more like tags to trace your site, so it can be keywords or key-phrases commonly used on your site. Also remember that you need to submit your top level page only and not all the pages. Googlebot will find its own way through your site for all the information. The Google index is updated regularly and outdated links, broken links or dead links are all cleared and hence you want to take care of your website and keep it up-to-date all the time. Although you can submit web site to search engines free, it can be done only once a month. Even if your site does not appear you will have to wait for the 30 days to pass before next submission. If you try to rule it over Google may term your site as spam and prevent you from being displayed at all. This could be very harmful to the future of your site. You can also use certain search engine optimization tool so that Googlebot finds your site easily and displays it in the initial pages of the search result

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