Successful Ad Internet, Radio and Environmental Campaigns Helping Your Business

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


The internet is one of the most popular pass times in the world. It is used for the transfer of data and it makes a lot of sense to use internet campaigns to promote a business. Groups of all ages use the internet on a daily basis and different things catch people’s attention in a way we sometimes cannot understand. When you think of internet campaigns that you have liked they usually have something that you thought was interesting. So why not use what you know to further promote your business? You’ve seen commercials on the television about faster newer internet connections and those commercials work because they are selling what people really want in a smart way. Other internet campaigns can consist of political campaigns on Yahoo, Google, Myspace or Facebook that will get the attention of the reader. Politics are easily displayed on these websites because it is news and these articles are promoting something for the person. Another example of internet campaigns used well is that of brief and alluring movie trailers being placed within the web content of Myspace. These catch the eye of the reader because they are designed to be flashy and interesting. Google and Yahoo give us different images on their main pages for the related holidays or seasons. At the top, bottom, left side and right side of these websites we have sections such as news, weather and games. These are internet campaigns that are consistent with the web page. This is a very good technique when you have a lot of readers.


Some of the best environmental campaigns are done through websites that promote the idea of “going green.” Websites that recognize the important fact that we should care for our planet are used by private businesses, big businesses and the government to try and take care of our planet. Recycling is one of the environmental campaigns. With this process many people are made aware through television commercials, large recycling bins, flyers in the mail and random people walking down the street. These are environmental campaigns that work because people care enough to continue a message to others and believe that people will soon understand because of how the campaigns are being used for the good of the planet. Google and Yahoo web pages always support Earth Day by reminding its visitors how important the Earth is. These campaigns go well because it reminds people who don’t usually know the about date that is recognized as Earth Day. Another useful way environmental campaigns are used is the recognition of this date in almost all the calendars that are created. More and more environmental campaigns push through in politics and congress as well as in small town or large town pickets.


Many if not all schools will recognize and use environmental campaigns in school assemblies. Guest speakers are used most of the time as well as school students who are interested in helping out. With this we are able to target our young and impressionable generations creating the need for help with the environment. Stores such as REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc) and Sport Chalet promote campaigns through the mail, in the store and through email about the uses of environmental safe equipment and food. The environmental campaigns they produce are extremely effective because they already has customers that are very into the environment and show their support by buying environmentally safe products to better our economy.


The types of radio campaigns vary and will work with whatever you are promoting. The radio is a very widely used form of communication so it makes sense to use it to promote products and businesses. Radio campaigns are for the most part short and to the point because more air time costs more money. Using radio campaigns are really easy for a business or product because people remember things that they hear quite well when they hear it amongst the usual talk on their favorite radio station. A good start at creating some radio campaigns are to figure out what you want to be said in your radio commercial. Go over it and add important information to the commercial until it says everything you think should be made knowledge to the listener. Prerecorded commercials from you or a person of your choice can be fine tuned, perfected and ready for air time before the radio show starts. This is a useful thing to do because you will have control of everything that contributes to what the commercial is about. On the other hand, having the regular announcer read a script designed by you and your business might grab more attention from the listeners because there is a reason they are tuned in to listen to that voice. Whatever works for your business will be best.


Newspapers hold a lot of power in influencing its readers and many successful ad campaigns run in the newspaper both online and in physical print. The newspaper is created daily and there is a large amount of information that is given to its readers. These particular successful ad campaigns consist of the classified sections in newspapers because they are a well known source for finding  jobs. Other sections of the newspaper give the reader information on sports, sales at stores and comics that can even promote an idea that is being expanded upon. Using your local newspaper to promote a local business is a smart idea because the community will find use in knowing that it is there and readily available for them. Promoting your business in a widely read national or county newspaper is a good idea if you have many businesses throughout different places and making it known in the newspaper will help to bring you business from all over. If you promote your business in an online newspaper or magazine you can create links to your business making it easier for the reader to find your business online. Successful ad campaigns in newspapers work well for the avid readers of the paper. The Penny Saver is a smaller more specialized kind of paper. With this paper you can put information about your business and what you are selling along with information on the product such as the price and condition.

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