Successful Pr, Keyword, Effective and New Marketing Campaigns For Business

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


Most keyword campaigns can be created fairly easy if you pay strict attention to detail. First what you need to do is create your keywords in Net Suite. After creating your keyword campaigns on that website you need to register with a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. You can create your keyword campaigns in large quantities, import your them and create them individually.


Planning successful pr campaigns are more important than rushing into them. You need to be prepared for any possible outcome and you need to think on your feet. There are several things you should do for any of the successful pr campaigns you are going to create and the first is to research. In this category you will want to see what kind of research technique will work with what you are initially aiming at for your campaign. You can do this by looking at books, blogs, questionnaires, the Internet, papers, etc. You research is unlimited. Your next action is to take a look at what is going on with what you want your campaign to be about. Check out the media for example. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses that your campaign may potentially have so you can adjust accordingly. By creating your understanding of what can go wrong with your campaign you can go to the next step of planning your objectives you wish to meet with the pr campaign. Understanding what your investors and customers want to see in your pr campaign will help you structure your campaign a little better. When you are able to see what your potential customers might find interesting you can decide how your message in your pr campaign is going to affect the public. By making your message strong, clear and concise your public will be able to retain the knowledge much better rather than it being a scattered message. Having a strategy of how you want to accomplish successful pr campaigns will help you take your objectives and lay them out on the table so that you can use them on the campaign. While you plan what you are going to do with your pr campaign you will also want to plan ways of fixing anything in case something goes wrong. Creating a calendar with your objectives on a timeline will help organize the campaign so that once you reach on objective you can check it off and move on to the next one. After you have decided what it is you will be doing with your campaign, its objectives and the public you can start to think of the budget. Manage your budget so that it fits your pr campaign. Determine how you will stick to your budget and decide the best route to take in publicizing your campaign will be such as social networking or press releases. Problems occur in anything you do so the best thing to do is to prepare for the very worst and hope for the best. Once you have started your pr campaign sit back and analyze what you see and hear. If you notice something that you should change immediately take the appropriate action to rectify or improve you pr campaign.


There are many new marketing campaigns being developed. Some work and some don’t. Facebook has recently launched some new marketing campaigns concerning going back-to-school for students. Two online websites named Sears and Campus Ready have launched a campaign on Facebook for students. For starters they can create a gift registry of what they need for school as well as design a dorm room. The aim for Campus Ready is to make their website, Facebook and Sears a strong connected tool that students can utilize for their back-to-school needs. The links on Facebook for the new campaigns are: or This is a very interesting new marketing campaign and will probably result with higher sales for the year because of the back-to-school rush on materials.


Effective marketing campaigns give you greater results with inexpensive ways of achieving your goals. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have effective marketing campaigns.. Cut costs by following a couple of ideas. One thing that you can do is to send out postcards showing your possible customer what your product is and why it is for them. It is easy and inexpensive to send out postcards in the mail because it takes only a few seconds of the customer’s time to flip over the postcard and read a small message. With this message you could show a picture of your product or business so the customer can put a name and information with the product. If you send out letters they usually won’t even be opened because it’s a waste of time for someone to spend a lot of time reading something they don’t even care about. If you already have a website up and running efficiently then you can create a web page that your customers can sign up for email promotions and specials on. You can advertise that with signing up for these email updates they will have the opportunity to receive information and coupons that they could use with their next purchase of your product. Surveys always have and always will be some of the most effective marketing campaigns around and are very easy to conduct. By using surveys you can evaluate what a consumer wants out of a product. With your customers you can create surveys that ask them what they thought of the product or service, what they would want more of, what should change if needed and what their opinions on the product on a whole are. You can mail, email or handout these surveys and because they are designed for customer feedback you will get a lot of valuable information for making your marketing campaigns better. Emailing your campaigns are effective, don’t cost a lot of money and can get you results fairly quickly. Using a website will increase the effective marketing campaigns you use because it’s kind of a home base that customers can look at for more information. You can create advertisements of your business on other web pages as well as banner ads or pop-up ads to create interest for the customer. A final tip for effective marketing campaigns is the video campaign. You can create video podcasts for customers. Creating an interesting, clear and concise video podcast will keep the attention of the customer and they will enjoy talking about it and seeing it again if it is successful.

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