Tactics Used By Search Engine Marketing Services That Do NOT Affect Ranking

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.20.2012

One thing search engine marketing services consultants cringe at is hearing, “I already started implementing my own SEO stuff,” from clients.  What these clients do not realize is there are a lot of useless SEO tactics being tossed around out there in the online community.

Meta keywords are completely useless when it comes to search engines.  Most people nowadays seem to think filling out the meta keyword tag can replace much needed keyword phrasing optimization.  This isn’t the case.

XML Site Map isn’t going to help important optimized pages show up in search results if the architecture is horrible.  If it does anything at all it’ll be to let Google know those pages exist, only lacking internal or external link popularity can make their existence similar to the tooth fairy, an unimportant one.

Link title attributes mean nothing to search engines.  They only exist as a way to make your website more accessible or aesthetically pleasing to your viewers.

To have a headline is a great idea.  Even if the page may or may not have a keyword phrase, but hash tags do not make a difference in results.  Those are just a way to mark up a website with headlines.

Keyworded Alt text on non-clickable images doesn’t improve your odds on the SEO front.  They only could towards rankings when it’s attached to a clickable image.

It has never been a genius idea to stuff keywords into content.  Now it’s “less is more”.  When you are having issues with rankings check your content for overly-used phrases.  Try removing some instead of adding, this may improve your standing.


When a search engine marketing service optimizes their client’s keywords they know one-word phrases just aren’t going to rank.  Instead consultants optimize for phrases that will answer the searchers’ questions.  If you are a doctor, what type?  Phrases like that are perfect.

You never use the same keyword phrases on every page.  Spread them out, make sure they match the content.  You don’t want to put all of your things into one basket.  Limiting your keyword phrases that way limits your traffic and target audience immensely.

Adwords does not change your organic search results, they are two separate entities.  While you should always look into Adwords and using them to help boost traffic, do not expect them to help with your organic rankings.

Linking to popular sites doesn’t help with SEO at all.  Only when others link to you will that help.  Having links to Google does nothing to boost your traffic, all you’ve done is provide a helpful link to a search engine.

These just scratch the surface of useless SEO techniques when it comes to a website’s ranking.  The ranking is only based on organic traffic flow and keywords.  To optimize keywords use a web analytics program to help see which keyword phrases are bringing in the most traffic and which aren’t.  Keep in mind, you shouldn’t base your website’s success rate on where it ranks, but it’s traffic flow versus sales.


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