Tailor Marketing Services to Fit the Type of Audience

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 6.14.2012



When it comes to trying to get a key point across, sometimes what really needs to be thought about is who the main audience will be and not the argument points you will use.  As kids trying to persuade parents to stretch curfew an hour or two later, the tone would be respectful and conversation would use proper English and not have any of the slang words they despised.  By tailoring the point that is trying to be conveyed to the audience’s likes and dislikes, selling an idea would prove to be easier and, in some cases, win the persuasive argument.

When it comes to marketing methods, video marketing is a great and effective way to commercialize a concept and get the idea across to a whole lot of people.  A quick little video clip caters to a broad audience by showing a short advertisement just before the video content that the viewer had specifically intended to watch.  Most viewers would not mind the short video before watching the show they really turned the TV or computer on to see.  Most people are familiar with this style of advertising from the short blips of commercials that are shown just before a YouTube video.

The mini commercial before the actual clip will often have a link to click on to carry the viewer over to a website for that advertisement making it easy to follow for both advertisers and consumers.  This kind of marketing is really tailored to the millions of Americans who are not likely to often want to read about a product but would much rather watch a short segment about it, conveying the intended concept to the consumer without requiring them to put any real effort into researching the product or service.

Another example of video marketing is the pop up ads displayed on many web pages.  The little animations at the top or on the sides of the page catch the viewer’s attention enough that if they are interested in what it is displaying, allows them to click on the link and be transported to the site to further view more information about the item that is being offered to buy.

A second very effective marketing concept is search engine optimization.  With search engine optimization services, website builders are guaranteed higher viewings and rankings for their sites.  Search engine optimization, or SEO, works by using quality key words that relate to the website and provide a link to said website.  In this way, a viewer can click the link and open the website without having to need to know the exact web address.

Both of these marketing options have been proven effective time and time again.  A combination of one or both could work better.  It all depends on the audience that is trying to be persuaded to click on a link. Businesses who are looking to take advantage of modern advertising techniques must keep their target audience in mind when choosing between these two surefire techniques.

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