Targeted Site Hits to Increase Website Hit Traffic

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-10-2009


Targeting an audience is that of performing for an audience.  You must know your audience and you must know what you are performing. With Internet marketing the promotion of your product or service to the audience is your performance.  The more successful your performance the higher your conversion rate.

Conversions can not be accomplished without site hits.  This is necessary not only for ranking high in the search engines but to increase sales volume.

Reaching good marketing results requires good marketing skills.  The marketer typically engages in a combination of methods in order to reach his goal.  The goal is always to position yourself at the highest spot in the search engines and to increase sales volume.

Search engine positioning is everything.  This is what opens the doors to the billions of World Wide Web users to the business online.  It is the best position a marketer could be in.  Search engine positioning is achieved through many methods of advertising but the two preferred due to the rapid results they produce are search engine optimization and pay per click.   Both are a form of advertising through targeted hits.

A targeted website hit is the campaigning to the audience that best suits your product or service.

Beginning marketing with search engine optimization or pay per click will produce the highest standings in the search engines.  Both are designed to position the marketer high in the search engine result listings.

Pay per click is that.  It is a paid advertising campaign.  The marketer will bid on keyword phrases that represent their product or service and through the successful bidding the marketer’s site will be positioned in the top results of the paid search engine results.  This is the same listing as the natural results with the exception that the listing will be to the right of the natural results or indexed under a sponsored or featured reading.  Pay per click is the most rapid campaign a marketer can have.  If the choice of a keyword phrase is highly successful the billions of Internet users that use the World Wide Web each day are the prospects for the marketer.  It is the opening of doors that could never be opened without the advertising media of the World Wide Web.

Search engine optimization is another choice in promotion for producing the best standings for search engine positioning.  Search engine optimization begins with the simplicity of keywords.    The marketer will select keywords and keyword phrases that best represent s his product or service.  Promoting through the use of the keywords then begins.  This is done through article submissions, reviews, and forums.  The idea is to create as many inbound and outbound links as possible directing viewers to the site.

Search engine optimization and pay per click are the quickest result producing campaigns that a marketer could engage in to increase their standings in the search engines.

Other forms of marketing will include email campaigning, traffic exchanges, social sites, and safelists.

Traffic exchanges are a great means for the marketer on a low budget or no budget to build site hits.  The marketer commits to viewing other webmaster and affiliate sites and in return members view their site.  The more sites a member views, the more views he receives.  Thousands of hit can quickly be built

Safelists are another form of marketing between marketers.  A safelist is a group of marketing members that agree to read one another’s ads to help support one another.

Both safelists and traffic exchanges build hits to sites.  Although the traffic exchanges achieve the purpose much more quickly, safelists are also a good method for marketers to support themselves.

Contacts on the Internet are valuable.  Not just for interest in the promotion of a product or service but for knowledge.  Learning techniques and marketing methods is often shared among marketers and a social networking site is the best resource for this.

Marketing is expertise.   Whether the marketer becomes the expert themselves through self promotion or hires a professional.

Professionals are by the thousands on the Internet and whether looking for a local professional or one that can service you nationally they will be found.  TrafficSoar. Com is a great place to begin in seeking a professional.  The unique style of the owner is helping companies on every level.  From no budget to high dollar campaigning the campaigns are designed professionally and produce results. is another good choice among professionals.  Fresh out of marketing school the owner uses the most up to date techniques and tools available today, along with a very reputable zeal for doing what he loves.

Strategic plans must be created and put into action.  This is where the company is at, where they want to go and what needs to be achieved to get there.

Marketing is everything and properly managing your campaigns is necessary for productive results.  Each campaign should include an ad tracker.  This will help in gathering results of what is productive and what is not.  The ad tracker will be placed on the end of your link and each campaign will have a different tracker allowing you to know which are productive and which are not.

Use every resource available on the World Wide Web.  Seek assistance and acquire the skill necessary to successfully campaign.

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