Teaching Basics to Students by Traditional Titan marketing Profs

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Date: 09/24/2009

Marketing 101 is a basic subject in college (depending on the school’s curriculum) that is being taught especially to business major students who are planning to establish their own companies someday. This subject teaches basic marketing concepts in which are encountered in a person’s daily life. Many find this subject useful since even non business administration students can use marketing in their everyday life just as making profit out of very simple things. Marketing Profs or professors would teach their students about practical marketing strategies and techniques that are practiced by marketing professionals not only in the United States but the whole world as well. In starting a small business, marketing is very essential in order to avoid market failure.

Most marketing Profs in college would even encourage students to invest money in business especially in this time of global financial crisis. The only way to help solve the country’s economic crisis is to invest, invest, and invest. Many businessmen are afraid to invest especially in third world countries since they believe that this time is not a practical date to invest in a business however their perception about this idea is wrong. Investing during the time of an economic crisis isn’t a bad idea at all as long as good marketing strategies can be formulated. Risks on the other hand are very natural to any kind of business either big or small. In every activity that a person does, risk is always present and it cannot be avoided however, it can be prevented. These topics are most likely to be discussed in marketing subjects however not all lessons are learned from the four corners of the classroom. The outside world is one of the best learning places for a person since experience is one of the best teachers in life. Learning doesn’t only take place in school since most teachers in marketing are only teaching marketing fundamentals and other sorts of theories. The outside world is the best training ground for a person who wants to learn a lot about marketing and how it works. In everywhere people go there is marketing. In department stores, malls, markets, retail stores, gasoline stations and even in school marketing is always present. One good way to learn about marketing is through observing from the environment. Researching on the other hand is one good way to learn about marketing. Conducting interviews with marketing professionals is one way to learn more about marketing. Try experimenting and don’t forget that mistakes are also part of marketing.

The Traditional Overview of Marketing

Marketing is very common around the world even in the smallest unit of society marketing is present. A company would not be able to survive without the help of marketing since marketing is very essential in all business firms. Marketing is encountered in a person’s daily life even in a bus ride marketing still takes place. A person wouldn’t be able to buy the things that he or she wants or needs since a market is needed as a place in where necessities can be purchased. The traditional marketing definition involves two parties: the buyer and the seller. The seller is the individual that provides a product or service and the buyer is the one who pays the amount on the purchase of the product or service. In the corporate world, the traditional marketing is not an easy task since marketing involves advertising and communicating to the specified target market of a company. Most of the time, marketing is the overall responsible for the income generation of a company at the same time the life bringer of a company. Without profit, a company will not survive since all companies need profit in order to pay all the expenses of the company such as the salaries and wages of its employees and its electricity bills and so on and so forth. The new definition of marketing in the technology age has a wider definition because of the use of other marketing instruments such as online marketing and marketing segmentation. Some companies in the United States are cost cutting in order to survive the global financial crisis and as a result, these companies crop their departments in order to lessen the labor expense. However, marketing still remains as the company’s top department since marketing is very important in each and every company. Sales talking is one effective way of marketing a product or services in which telemarketing is very popular not only in the United States but around the world as well. Telemarketers have been increasing from the year 2002 up to this date. Telemarketing is one good way to sell in which a call center agent calls a potential client in their mobile or landline phone thus offering certain products or services. Some people may find telemarketing annoying yet this strategy is also an effective way of direct selling.

Facts about Marketing

Some people think that the marketing activity is very complicated that is why they wouldn’t want to be involved in this kind of activity. Some people have a lot of misconceptions about marketing since they think this kind of selling activity is only for marketing professionals. The truth about this concept is that even an elementary student can engage in this kind of money earning activity. The marketing basics actually only involves selling of a good or product in a market in which a seller earns profit that can be added to the individuals capital. Marketing basics actually do not include market segmentation since this is the job of marketing professionals. Most marketing starters would engage in simple marketing strategies such as putting a small business in a setting that has a lot of potential buyers. Marketing actually is not that hard to do that is why a lot of people are encouraged to engage in this kind of activity. Investing money and capital is part of marketing at the same time loosing capital. However, the results depend on the strategies and how a person manages his or business well. The outcome of this activity depends on the investor itself.

Titan marketing: the Best way to advertise a Business in the United States

Titan Marketing is an advertising agency that can help promote a company’s product or service in the United States and some other parts of the world. This company is well known in the whole world because of its quality performance in promoting a company. Advertising is one way on how a product or service can be visible in the market and Titan Marketing is one of the best advertising companies in the country that can make a company reach its target market at the same time earn a lot of profit for the company. Advertising however is expensive but the return on investment is very high that is why companies around the country are investing a lot in advertising. There are different kinds of advertising and these are: Media advertising, Print Advertising, and Post Advertising. Advertising is very important in marketing since advertising is one god way to make a product or service sell in a market. There are different marketing tools that a company can use in which is not only limited to television advertising. One traditional yet effective method of advertising is by giving out free samples to the market such as free tastes for products and free demonstrations for services. Hiring promotional employees is one good way to make a product or service visible in the market. This advertising strategy is very common in grocery and department stores in business establishments such as malls in where promotional selling is very rampant.


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