Tell-Tale Signs that Your Website is Annoying

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.17.2012

Any Los Angeles internet marketing firm will tell you that websites with annoying features (or a sore lack of features) will drive people away faster than you might imagine. If you own a website that hasn’t been evaluated by graphic designers or by search engine optimization SEO Los Angeles, you may be missing out on the fact that your website could be driving away valuable traffic. There are several all-too common features in a website that could get annoying very quickly.

Having music on your website could contribute to a pleasurable experience, but only on the visitor’s terms. If you website blares music the instant a visitor lands on your page, it’s time to make an adjustment. The music is often unexpected, loud, and takes your visitor off guard in a way that is unpleasant.

When using Flash incorrectly on your website, it could take what seems like forever to load. Don’t waste so much time with nice visuals and instead, give your visitors information and content. Give your customers what they need and want to know; more often than not, “cool” graphics will get in the way of that experience.

Ask a Los Angeles local search marketing firm, and they’ll tell you that pop-up ads were never exactly in vogue; as a matter of fact, they can be deathly annoying and turn your customers away forever. Pop-up ads essentially tell the customer that you don’t care about what experience they have on your site, but rather you’re there solely to sell them something.

Whereas pop-up ads can get annoying, walking ads can be even worse. Walking ads occur within the web page that provides information, rather than outside of the window you’re perusing. If your customer is reading information content on your page, a walking ad can disrupt the experience and turn him or her off completely.

Another thing that continually annoys customers is when a brand hides their contact information on their site. Whatever you do, if you care about your customers, don’t make it difficult for them to contact you. This could very well be the kiss of death for your online business.

Keeping your business website mysterious simply won’t work for your business. One mysterious, provocative advertisement could be effective, yet a website that doesn’t illuminate what your business does is a nail on the coffin. Don’t make your customers dig for information, such as the kinds of services you provide, pricing or contact information.

Make your website readable. A black background with dark grey fonts will simply not work, as you are making it nearly impossible for consumers to read your content. In fact, black backgrounds are generally frowned upon by graphic designers and marketers alike unless it’s absolutely necessary. Also, making your fonts too small can make it difficult for viewers to read.

Make your website more connected with social media buttons. A website without Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest buttons may very well turn off a social-savvy user.

The bottom line for any website is that you tailor it to a comfortable, easy and enjoyable user experience. Anything that gets in the way of a great user experience will automatically get slipped into the “annoying” category.

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