Ten Top Sites for Availing Theme Setting in SEO.

Any web user undertaking a search for a particular subject would normally come across thousands of options for a simple key phrase. This is the result of having umpteen websites in the Internet which makes it difficult for users to locate the page that really suits their purpose and serves the right information. If the website owner seriously contemplates turning a visitor into customer, then the website should appear exclusive enough to be treated differently. The objective of any site owner is to keep the targeted audience hooked to the web pages to ensure that the person is interested enough to navigate around the site.


The ten websites for availing the right theme setting in SEO should aim at redesigning their page for increasing page ranking. The success of a website is influenced by its ease of use and navigability. The common web user would not waste their time looking for information if it is readily available else they tend to abandon the site and search elsewhere. The right page design with relevant content draws the attention and retains their interest in the site. Though aesthetics play an important role in attractive visitors to the top ten sites of search engines, but navigation has an equally significant role in retaining their attention. In such cases, the theme setting should ensure that there are not too many banner ads, bold graphics and other distractions in the website.


These features may initially lure a web visitor but does not hold their attention as the web user cannot go through the content unless they review the flash first. For being one of the top ten sites with perfect theme setting one should avoid incorporating such unnecessary design elements. The theme setting of a search engine optimized website should offer instant gratification and satisfaction to website visitors. The average Internet user goes online as they do not have the time to search for products or services through phone directory. The cyberscape is the place where the web visitor expects to find the information they are searching for. The theme setting in the site should be such that it makes it easier for the user to obtain the information. Hence, the website should be cleaned up and made more accessible to the targeted audience.


Some of the most popular themes are Mystique, Pixel, Atahualpa, Piano Black, Monochrome, Inanis Glass, Arras Theme and others. These feature packed themes have solid designs, built-in widgets with intuitive theme setting interface. Most of the theme settings are of high quality Word Press theme, colorful and stylish with drop down menu. The theme support threaded comments and includes page navigation. Some also have Seven Reader, selectable themes and are available in multi-languages. The multi level drop down menu is an added advantage where the website owner can build their own theme on the setting page to enhance their search ranking. Such theme settings are visually attractive and not only draw potential visitors but converts visit to actual sales when the content is backed by relevancy.

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