The Benefits of Google+

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.14.2012

You may not think you need Google+, seemingly just one more social networking site in the midst of so many out there you’re already registered to, yet many Los Angeles marketing agencies would argue otherwise.  One might be surprised by how marketing-friendly Google+ is, as opposed to the other social media giants. Whether you’re a marketer or the owner of a business or brand, Google+ can help you boost your brand’s visibility and image in ways that other social media outlets are lacking.

It would be handy for marketing agencies in Los Angeles to know that Google+ differs from other social media websites in its parameters and metrics. For example, Google+ boasts a 100,000 character limit in its comment fields; whereas, Facebook, Twitter,and Pinterest make room for far less (63,206 characters, 140 characters, and 500 characters, respectively).

Google+ profiles also allow for one profile picture and up to five additional cover photos, as well as multiple text fields. Google+ is also unique and useful in that it allows for video conferencing for up to ten people at a time; in terms of video conferencing, the best the social competition can do it Facebook, which only allows for one-on-one video conferencing (Twitter and Pinterest do not have video conferencing available as of this writing).

Your posts on Google+ are visibile to both users in your circles and to the general public; whereas, Facebook uses Edgerank to determine which friends get to see your posts on the Facebook newsfeed. Google+ allows you to post photo albums within your posts, which is also what Facebook does, except that Facebook includes internet advertising Los Angeles in albums.

With all of this said, however, these features could very well change, as these social media sites are always looking to change and improve upon their current features.

At the time of this writing, the features and functionality of Google+ establishes it as a powerful and sophisticated social media tool; whereas, sites like Facebook had to tool around for several years to become as powerful and as user-friendly as they are today. In terms of business branding, Facebook is still inferior to Google+. The reasoning for Google+ lacking in popularity is that it’s a newcomer, while Facebook and Twitter have been around for several years, with millions of users getting thoroughly acquainted with them. And plenty of friends for users to interact with.

With Facebook, not all of your friends and fans are guaranteed to see your updates. When you update your posts, it sometimes gets buried in your newsfeed, ranked by priority with different users. With Google+, on the other hand, all of your friends will be able to see your updates.

Google+ has one advantage that no other social media site can hope to imitate: Google+ is a vital part of Google itself, an Internet search engine giant… or rather, “the” Internet search engine giant. Google claims ownership to the largest Internet traffic on the Internet, as well as other great features such as Youtube, Google Chrome and GoogleMaps.

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