The Best Advertising Agency Los Angeles Has to Offer

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 27, 2012

Many people are operating under the misunderstanding that advertising agencies are all alike. A caricature has arisen, over the last few years, of the typical advertising moguls who care about nothing but the profits and will not take the individuality of their clients into consideration. This is not the case for all advertising agencies. Each advertising agency Los Angeles has to offer has qualities that make it utterly unique. There will never be two agencies that do things exactly alike, though there are certainly some who do a better job of establishing themselves as different than others. Here is some marketing Los Angeles produced that absolutely gets the job done in a way that no one else can!


            Maxus gained its footing with parent company WPP, after which it brought in two huge accounts             this past years—and that isn’t all! The small upstart is getting momentum, and fast, but it will still       need to prove its worth to the bigger fish in the pond now that it has made such a splash. After     winning over additional clients SC Johnson and even NBCU, Maxus enjoyed a growth in revenue     of almost 25% in North America alone. Globally, the company has shot up by as much s 35%.          Maxus did’t stop with those clients, but is always on the lookout for new acquisitions. They’ve          hired more than 150 new employees in North America and established new offices in Los       Angeles, Toronto, and Mexico City. Neil Sternberg is the firm’s new chief financial adviser, and    Elizabeth McCune is their newest director of communications and planning in North America.          Additionally, Maxus set up the region’s first TV purchasing outfit and digital trading units. With progress like this, Maxus may be headed toward much bigger things than its humble beginnings   might suggest.


            This firm was practically off the radar until it received a lucky call from Google: an invitation to     pioneer a new ad campaign featuring silly videos that promote voice searching capabilities and             technology. The hook of the videos is that the del-facto protagonist repeats the word “pizza” ad         infinitum. The agency’s name, which is a mouthful however you look at it, is actually a mashup of             the two founders’ names— John Matejczyk and Matt Hofherr. These two have worked at such             respectable places as TBWA, and BBDO before heading over to San Francisco to set up shop for      themselves. With these two leading the charge, the company has seen wonderful new spikes in           revenue that cannot be explained away by anything short of the miraculous power of excellent             leadership. One of the first improvements the team made was to revamp the firm’s website,         flooding the pages with beautifully designed and informative content. This knack for design   extends to its new apps, which came into play with the noted Slavey Footprint project. Though the      firm is still very small, it’s beginning to rake in invitations from new businesses, even when much          larger shops are still in the running.

As long as they keep up the pace, these firms are sure to be tough acts to beat in the coming year.

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