The Best Pr, Direct Mail and Successful Promotion Campaigns

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


Most organizations use pr campaigns on a daily basis. Pr campaigns illustrate the communication of information between a professional organization and the public. For example, pr campaigns such as conferences may consist of the President of the United States discussing major issues with the Congress because they don’t know what he has planned on talking about with them. The President could also be communicating to the general public on a national level through a press release on the television or through the radio. This press release could consist of any kind of topic ranging from bills that have passed to bills he wants to pass and he is announcing it to gain more positive feedback. This pr campaign would be the giving of important information to the public. The main idea of pr campaigns is the information that an organization gives freely to the public. The Many times pr campaigns don’t run smoothly is because the press pushes questions on the representative and assume the answer before it is given. Usually the public will get filtered statements from the reporter who takes down the information so that time and money are saved waiting for an article to be written with all of the valuable information that will be published later. This would be a good example of how the press release works as well as personal interviews with organization representatives. Personal interviews are a part of pr campaigns because the interviewer will conduct the interview and then relay the information to the public. Another example of pr campaigns is employee communication in the workplace.


An example of a very difficult and one of the best pr campaigns out there is the Nintendo Wii campaign. Nintendo developed a game system that they knew was going to change the world of video games. They strategized this campaign very well and used their knowledge of pr campaigns to their advantage by giving press releases about their new product and telling them when it was going to come out instead of just saying that it was going to be ready soon. The first thing they did right was to tell the public very early about their product and let it sink into the minds of the masses of video game players. The main idea behind the campaign came from explaining that everything was going to be possible with the Nintendo Wii’s game controller. That was the key to the system so they used it. Another very smart way to endorse this pr campaign was to let the public know that everyone young and old could play with it. Nintendo played out the perfect idea of what pr campaigns do because they kept their public up to date with what they were going to do with the Nintendo Wii. They also assured low prices for their customers and made it known that no one was going away without a Nintendo Wii because they had so many ready for the public on opening day. Nintendo Wii truly is one of the best pr campaigns out there not only for their innovative way of changing the way a video game is played but for how they promoted their product.


Most promotion campaigns are pretty easy to create but they take time to become good. Promotion campaigns consist of three basic ideas that you want to really happen. Your promotion campaign needs to reach your targeted audience, it needs to be comprehended by your target audience and it needs to influence them into taking action. Your promotion campaigns need to address the understanding of your target audience. You want to know who they are and how you will get your campaign to them. Planning your long-term and short-term objectives will help you keep the results from your target audience’s behavior organized. You are going to want to decide what you are going to use with your promotion campaigns. Will you use commercials or advertising on the internet? After figuring out what you want to use decide what your promotion campaigns are going to say to your target audience. You will want to plan out what will be said, how it will be said and what the main idea of the promotion is. Deciding how much you are going to spend on the promotion campaigns will determine the quality of your campaign. After you figure out what will be done with all of this information you should check on how effective your promotion campaigns are.


When starting successful direct mail campaigns the key idea to its effectiveness is that you have accurate mailing lists. If you have accurate mailing lists you will be able to continue to use these mailing lists in the future. Making organized files of these mailing lists will keep them from getting lost or misplaced. Also, organizing these files into separate categories will save time and money for when you are going to campaign for a food company instead of a makeup company for example. Components of the mailing lists include the name, address, state, city, zip code and phone number. Having successful direct mail campaigns will only happen if you pay attention to any changes that any of the companies or customers have gone through. For example, if a person is moving to Kentucky and you have a direct mail campaign for a local restaurant in their present town you won’t want to waste that mail campaign if they are moving. By keeping up to date with information such as this you will be able to make faster and more successful direct mail campaigns that customers will enjoy and look forward to. Obtaining mailing lists is an easy task if you go through news articles, organization membership lists or magazines. Other important things to consider when creating successful direct mail campaigns are what your product offers. You can think about what might prove to be more effective to a certain customer rather than just sending off all kinds of mail that will potentially drive the customer away. You must understand that in presenting your direct mail campaign some of the offers will be seasonal and almost all of them have expiration dates.

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