The Best Successful and Effective Affiliate Campaigns For Your Business

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


All successful campaigns start with an idea. With this idea you aim to find out what type of audience you are going to target. Successful campaigns ultimately will work off of what is in high demand. Currently high speed internet is popular to have because it saves time and money for people who use the internet constantly for work or school. This is a competitive business because customers don’t want to wait. Computers in comparison need more memory and updates for all the new technology that is advancing so quickly. Younger generations are growing up with this technology and have no problem with keeping up. This creates demand for successful campaigns that will use this new technology to reach out to the group that understands it so easily. However, many of our older generations aren’t as used to these new technological advances and are having a hard time keeping up with the changes. Some successful campaigns might consist of understanding this demand. They will devise a plan to help the people who just can’t understand technology. Best Buy’s Geek Squad, for example, have continually used successful campaigns with commercials to help those people. This use of finding what consumers need will usually result in successful campaigns for you and your business.


The best campaigns out there are ones that target a large amount of consumers. The television set is a popular product because most everyone likes to watch anything entertaining. There are many different types of television sets ranging from small to large and regular definition to high definition or blue ray. These are the more specified types of products but what they initially are is something that is sold on a very consistent basis. The best campaigns for your business all depend on who your target audience is and what it is they like. All age groups for the most part like very different things. Children may like to play with dolls and trucks while adults might like to ride their motorcycles.


Some of the best campaigns in history were on the television. Barbie commercials were very popular for little girls because it was so well marketed. Showing how much fun other little girls on the television were having with the Barbie dolls would make the little girls watching the commercial want one. This was one of the original best campaigns first made because the companies were targeting a specific age group by using children from that age group to promote their product. The same concept starts with the new iPod commercials that are on the television and the internet. A child, teenager and/or adult is listening to an iPod and having the best time of their lives. There are even commercials that have elderly people listening to an iPod. By targeting all groups with a single image we have demand for that product.


Very effective campaigns are sometimes hard to initially figure out. So looking at campaigns that haven’t worked in the past may help to create more effective campaigns for the next time you plan on starting a new or similar campaign. Many effective campaigns will use catchy phrases and images to promote their product and business. Using something that sticks in the minds of your target audience will further your exposure to the public thus giving customers more opportunities to use your product or business. Other effective campaigns will use simple posters for their product. For example, a band might use free small posters they give out at concerts or other various performances to promote their band. The poster could have a website that the fans can visit so they can join fan clubs and email lists about the band that they love. By using something so simple we are able to see what great things are able to happen in the idea from past effective campaigns. Other effective campaigns that have worked well in the past are receiving or giving promotional gifts for signing up for newsletters or magazines. For example, signing up a friend for a year subscription of Cosmopolitan and paying for it might give you two free years as your gift. This promotional aspect that magazines use are effective because it brings in more readers quicker when a gift is offered. Some magazines offer a gift basket of lotions and perfumes for signing up for a three year subscription with them and paying up front. Ultimately effective campaigns really depend on what you are promoting and how much you want to promote it.


Affiliate campaigns are designed to help your business and another business at the same time. This is a very good move in the business world because when you partner up with another business customers will see that two very good businesses will be even greater in customer service and in its products when they work together. Some other affiliate campaigns will have a main campaign that branches off into smaller more specialized campaigns. This is a useful tactic because it gives you more room to specialize a certain product or good that the customer is interested in. The affiliate campaigns don’t always need to be directly related to what the main campaign is about. Often they have almost nothing to do with the main campaign because they might be controlled by the same company but classified in different businesses. This happens frequently for large businesses that are trying to put growth into a certain smaller business of theirs. Using the concept of affiliate campaigns can help to broaden your business in ways you could never have imagined initially. It might seem different from a typical campaign to promote your business with another business that is related or isn’t. The useful idea behind this is that when one part of your business works well for a customer they most likely will refer your business to their friends. If your affiliate campaign is the campaign that gave the business, the customer will probably want to continue business with your company and use all of your other businesses because they know that part of the business works and that if one thing works another product from the same basic company should work too.

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