The bread and butter of the Internet, online visitors.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/8/2009

With the launch of the Internet came a marketing media that had never been witnessed before.   It was the beginning of the Internet gold rush.  Millionaires were being made overnight and everyone was ready for a piece of the action.  The new creative idea of “owning” space or land on the net, swept the globe.  Today, years later, the Internet is as popular as ever, with new ideas, business promotions and opportunities every day.  The encyclopedias have been put in the closet and replaced by the computer, as no other source for knowledge has the wide range of information as the Internet.   Everyone from young to old, uneducated to educated, non-businessman to businessman is involved in the Internet.

Net opportunity is practically a household name.  People have literally become addicted to the Internet seeking their fortune.  The stories are many; from the Internet pioneers becoming millionaires overnight to the successful newbie and novice that are making their dreams come true on the Internet today.  Success is everywhere.  However, it won’t happen without knowing what you are doing, unless you are one of the lucky ones that have a huge amount of contacts that follow you in whatever you do.  Contacts are important and knowing how to generate leads is a must.  If you are operating your business as a storefront on the Internet with no other business quarters, than the Internet is probably your main source for business.  Regardless, whether you are a business owner that is seeking additional customers through the net or the net business owner with the net as your sole source of income, online visitors can be the heart of your business.  Knowing how to generate traffic is a must to achieve results.

Online visitorsto your website are your bread and butter in Internet marketing.  These are your prospective customers and they can come from anywhere and everywhere.  The Internet is full of places to advertise.  The key is strategy.  It is important to devise a plan consisting of productive marketing methods.

Begin your campaigns with research.  Know your product and the audience for your product.  It is a good idea to know your competition and do a bit of research on them as well.  Explore their methods of advertising and their ad content, along with their success rate.  You won’t want to copy them, but it will give you a good idea of what is effective.  Strategies that are effective for them may be effective for you as well.

Internet visitors come from all walks of the world.  There is no “right” visitor and no “wrong” visitor. Every Internet user is a potential customer.  The goal is to target the greatest audience for your product and gather up as many online visitors for your site as possible.

Targeting your online audience knows who is a candidate for your product.  If you are marketing a product that concentrates on making your hair shine, your audience would typically be young girls and young women.  Once you know who your audience is, you are one step closer to reaching them.  Chances are, there will be millions of searches on the Internet each day on topics that include your product, information about your product or a related product, or how to receive the results of what your or a related products like yours offer.  The key here is to create a searchable site.  Creating a searchable site means creating keywords or phrases that the Internet visitor will most likely search for. To create the correct keywords you can start by asking questions.  Quiz people as to your product, what they may look for when searching for your product or a product like yours, their likes and dislikes, and complimentary products.  An excellent source in helping to figure out the most effective keywords and phrases is Digital Point’s Keyword Suggestion Tool This helps to find good key phrases and explores what is effective and what isn’t effective with your target audience.   This is all part of search engine optimization and will yield tremendous results if done properly.

Once you know your target audience and have your keywords or keyword phrase you will want to begin to concentrate on your writing content.  Writing to higher your exposure in the search engines is the goal here.  This can begin with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) copywriting.    Content is extremely valuable here and should never be compromised.  Your site plays a major role in selling your product.

SEO copywriting or Search Engine writing is writing for results in the search engines.  One will rewrite the text or content on the web page so as it ranks high with search engine properties by using your targeted keyword phrases.  SEO copywriting is to make certain that your site receives highly qualified focused traffic thus producing leads and sales.  You will want to Again, content is extremely important.  The article will include your keywords or keyword phrase and should be a good sales or informative article, driving them to your site.  The advantage of this is not only when someone does a search using your keyword or keyword phrase that your article will come up in the search, but when they enter other keywords or keyword phrase in your article, your article will come up with the competition search, being right in there with your competitors and making the online visitor aware of your product as well.  The potential for customers is limited less.  Most business owners will agree that search engine optimization is their leading tool in productive marketing.

Success will be achieved through familiarizing yourself with the Internet marketing world.  Create a strategic plan to market your product.  Be flexible and recreate your approach if you are not seeing the results you need.  This may include a new set of keywords or keyword phrase or additional methods of advertising.


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