The Corporate World and Online Social photo Classifieds Provides The Corporate World and Online Social photo Classifieds Provides

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Date: 09/26/2009



The internet is one major source of how a company can find qualified applicants in the job pool. Since the internet is one accurate source of gaining manpower for a company, companies around the country are also using the web as a tool in fulfilling their manpower needs. Most companies around the country would tie up with media partners in order to advertise their lacking manpower needs in order to inform the public that the company is in need of human resources. Classified advertising is one way on how a company can inform the public about their needs for human resources.

Companies around the country both do television and online classifieds since these two mediums are proven very effective in gaining the attention of the public. The demand for online classifieds has increased from the year 2000 and was further initiated by the birth of the internet. One way to solve the unemployment rate of a country is to generate a large supply of jobs for people depending on their qualifications. Unemployed and fresh graduates are seeking job opportunities through the internet since the internet is one reliable source of information especially in directing to companies that are in need of employees. There are a lot of new companies in the country that are in need of human resources. These new companies however do not have enough marketing budget for advertising, that is why they engage first in online advertising in order to promote their company’s welfare and at the same time announce to the public via online their current job opportunities. Television advertising and online classifieds both have one thing in common which is to supply jobs to unemployed professionals around the country.

Hiring Potential Applicants through Social Networking Websites

There are many free classified ad websites available in the internet that caters not only companies but also other types of organizations that are in need of employees for different kinds of job positions. A company can chose from a wide variety of applicants from a job pool through posting job vacancies available in the company via classifieds online. Social network websites on the other hand is being targeted by companies mainly because there are a lot of people with different potentials and personalities that may suite the job description of a vacant job title in the company in this network. There are also various online strategies and gimmicks that companies are using in order to attract a lot of applicants to apply in a company. One good example of this gimmick is by creating pop up flyers in the internet in order to catch the attention of an internet surfer.

Companies are hiring web designers to create online strategies that will catch the attention of an online viewer at the same time convince them to apply in the company by presenting the benefits and rewards that are posted in an online flyer. All of these are made possible because of the internet and through classifieds online. Social network sites are one of the priorities of companies in grabbing qualified applicants since these social websites supply many qualified people that may fit the job title being offered in a company. The human resource departments of most companies in the United States are not only conducting face-to-face job interviews but also online interviews since most applicants come from different states in the country. A lot of human resource personnel from a company would send personal messages to online surfers in a social website inviting them to apply in the company. However, this kind of activity is not well encouraged because majority of internet users are aware that the web is a place where scams are very rampant.

Credible Classifieds provides an online applicant the guarantee that they are safe in what they are applying for

The internet is one good source for an unemployed or a fresh graduate to search for a job that will fit his or her qualifications. The only problem is the web has a lot to offer thus making choosing very hard for an applicant. The web is one big compilation of information that creates confusion; either which website is a fraud or which is for real.

Choosing the right classifieds provides online viewers the confidence in applying in a job via online that is why companies are tying with credible online classified ad website in order to ensure an online applicant their safety in applying for a job. Freelancers are one of the majorities who searches for a job in the internet and since freelancers wouldn’t have to undergo face to face interviews, they wouldn’t know if the company they are applying for is not for real. Applying for a job title in a corporate website that is tied up with a credible advertising company through online classifieds provides online applicants the guarantee that they are applying in a safe company.

Protecting an applicant’s privacy and confidentiality

Online applicants are protected because company classifieds provides online photo classified since some online users are using the photos of other people to create online wrong doings. This kind of activity is prohibited by the federal law of the country and has a sanction for those who intend to violate this act. A company’s classifieds provides online photo classified because it is the duty of a company to keep all information’s about its applicants confidential. That is the reason on why most applicants wouldn’t even attach their photos with their resumes to be safe form users in the online world.

Applicants on the other hand can submit limited information in order to ensure their privacy. These resumes may only include their names and age and certain basic information needed by a company before conducting the initial job interview.

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