The Disadvantages of Using Personas in Your Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Campaign

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.20.2012


Many marketers in Los Angeles video marketing have created personas or fictitious characters for a brand’s marketing campaign. The logic behind this move is that if you base a persona on your target audience’s own general persona, customers will align themselves with that brand.  General demographic traits, temperaments, and behaviors help mold such fictional characters.

It is important for marketers to ask themselves: Is such a persona really driving the message the right way? Or is this persona distracting from your marketing message? Search engine optimization and internet marketing professionals suggest that, by using personas to maintain and represent a status quo, the latter is a true statement: a persona may actually distract from your marketing message.

Some of the strongest marketing messages out there are the ones that suggest that a consumer’s status quo is at risk convinces them to take a specific action against the threat of negative change. Focusing too much on the target’s own persona, as SEO companies California will tell you, will take away the strength of the marketing message. The marketing message should make your audience realize that their status quo is constricting and undesirable.

There are several factors to consider in creating effective marketing messages:

(1)  Determine what your own customers are doing to solve their problems on their own initiative.

If your customers are already effectively taking action in solving their own problems, you might need to look at another avenue to target that audience. You may need to change your customer’s perceptions and help them realize that even better solutions are out there.

(2)  Take a survey to find out why customers use and are loyal to certain brands.

Because they chose this brand to solve their problems, some customers assume that the solution they have is better, or the best, than what they had before. Remember that you are likely sending your marketing message to an audience that believes their problem has already been solved.

(3)  Focus on the prospects that contain the best opportunities for change.

Some customers have formed traditional approaches to certain activities that may also be limiting or contain its own set of problems. This creates an opportunity for you to offer solutions. Take note of changes in the industry that may alter the customer experience.

(4)  Determine any oversights or errors in your customer’s current approach.

When presenting specific challenges to your customers, observe whether the customers try to fill in the gaps with their current approach in a way that is ultimately less effective and efficient than what you have to offer. An important part of the brand message is to offer a solution that tops their current method.

Marketers can create sophisticated marketing messages by abiding by the four basic guidelines above and better persuade consumers to look at your side of things. A strong marketing message will attract consumers to your solutions in order to change the status quo. A crafted fictional identity, on the other hand, is not as relevant and doesn’t make a big an impact as a solid marketing message.

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