The Elements of a Successful PPC Ad, According to Search Engine Optimization Experts

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.26.2012




Although there’s a variety of different technology that now goes into an overall advertising campaign, it can be easy to forget that writing quality ad copy for a PPC campaign abides by the same philosophy as all ad copy. Search engine optimization experts know that ad copywriting plays a huge role in the success of your marketing campaign.


You have only so much time to attract the attention of would-be customers, and your ad copy acts as the frontlines and the decider. While other PPC experts focus on geo-targeting and other fancy technical stuff to get their audience, they tend to forget that ad copy is still the most effective way to get the attention of customers.


A successful PPC ad is supposed to make you more money and increase profits and market share while also decreasing your cost per acquisition. There are several elements to a PPC ad copy campaign that is important for search engine optimization experts to know well. These elements, if done right, will affect your customer’s decision to click on your ad.


“Perceived Value” in ad copy is defined as offering a solution to a customer’s ills and headaches, as well as giving the customer a positive feeling that the deal you’re offering will be worth the money and time. Customers aren’t interested in buying your product, but in solving their own problems. Ad copy with great perceived value speaks to the customer in a way that convinces them click on your ad for more information. You can do this by not only offering a great solution, but one that comes at a great deal. Customers will feel like smart shoppers when they’re able to find solutions at a fraction of the cost.


Risk reversal is a way of comforting a customer into believing that they won’t be wasting their time and money. Customers are generally bitter and savvy towards advertisements because they’re cautious about rip-offs and wasting time and money. Including a risk reversal element in your PPC ad copy will guard against a customer’s self-doubt. Offering a free quote, sample or trial are a few examples of risk reversal.


In checking out ad copy, customers will always wonder if you’re credible. They only want to buy products from someone they know and trust. The best way to gain trust in a customer is to be transparent and make them feel like they know you, inside and out. This is why branding works so well in ad copy. Mentioning that your product or business has won awards or was list on a prestigious Top Ten list will let you lend credibility in your field.


A call to action is a vital part of your ad copy, as it directs the customer to how to take action on your deal. A call to action will either direct them to a landing page or a phone number to call.


Knowing the elements of a PPC ad copy will help clarify your ads in ways that will make them more receptive to prospective customers.

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